ITP Camp 2022

Will it Blend? Intro to Blender for beginners session 1.

If you've ever used a 3D program like Unity or unreal engine, you may have run into the desire to create something bespoke for your game, scene, or experience. After all, finding models online can only get you so far!

This is where Blender 3D comes in! Blender is a fully-free, open source 3D modeling, texturing, and sculpting software that allows users to make fully compatible models for 3D game engines. If you've ever wanted to work in 3D, but felt intimidated by the confusing workflows, hidden menus, and complex hotkeys, this session is for you!

This session is mostly for beginner modelers, but if you have some experience and want to come assist other campers with questions, or if you need a refresher on the basics, please come by!

Please bring a mouse and a laptop with the latest non-alpha or beta version of Blender installed!