ITP Camp 2022

Easy VISUAL interfaces for IoT: MQTT

Session Leaders: Yonatan Rozin

Tags: #MQTT #networking #WiFi #internet #devices #wireless #communication #IoT

Created By: Yonatan Rozin

If you're anything like me, device networking (wireless communication) will hugely benefit your creative potential and inspiration, but potentially feel very intimidating. Wireless communication is a miracle of technological achievement and can naturally be rather tough to get the hang of, but there are tools out there that can make your job SO much easier!

MQTT is the gold standard for IoT. A device (an Arduino, web-based application, etc.) sends a message to a location and ALL devices that have subscribed to that location receive the message instantly. It's that simple. A visual MQTT interface like can help visualize the flow of information between devices in real-time.

Learn how to:

  • Connect a webpage or [time permitting] an Arduino to an MQTT broker
  • Subscribe and publish messages to various locations

Bring (if you want to follow along):

  • a laptop
  • (optional) a WiFi-enabled Arduino

A follow-up session will explore Node-RED, another powerful visual interface which will further expand your IoT capabilities!


  • Upload this sketch to your Arduino
  • Copy the mac address (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) from the Serial monitor
  • Register the device here using the mac address

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