ITP Camp 2022

Starting with Greybox: Build Your Own Game Environment in Unity

Session Leaders: Olivia Yin

Tags: #game engine #game design #level design #unity #non-coding #3d #basics #modeling #environment #architecture

Created By: Olivia Yin

This session will first walk you through some basics of Unity, like interface, hotkeys etc. Then we will have a workshop using ProBuilder to build your own first greybox environment starting from 2d sketches!

We will also go over the game development pipeline in the industry and have more ideas about what is greyboxing and how to design levels and environment. (For a brief introduction here, greyboxing is using simple geometric shapes to build a rough block-out of your environment to test and iterate in the future.)

This session will not cover any coding, and knowledge of C# will not be required.