ITP Camp 2022

Using DNA synthesis, sequencing, and data storage as an art medium

Session Leaders: Ruthie Nachmany

Tags: #bioart #biogenic #biomaterials #lab

Created By: Ruthie Nachmany

The goal of this session is to share why I'm excited about using DNA data storage and sequencing as an art medium, to share some projects I think are cool, and to create space for us to brainstorm about ideas together. The session will be collaborative.

In the session, I'll 1) walk through an overview DNA data storage and DNA sequencing/encoding/decoding (cursory level) 2) share interesting projects that utilize DNA data storage, sequencing, encoding, and decoding as an art medium and talk through some ideas I'm working on 3) create time for us to brainstorm ideas for projects we can make with DNA

No bio background is required. I am also self taught in my DIY bio background, so happy to talk through that with anyone, and also welcome people with a deeper background than me to come be part of the session and share their perspective!