ITP Camp 2022

Projection Mapping but LAPTOP-FREE!

Session Leaders: vesper

Tags: #aftereffects #projectionmapping #projection #installation

Created By: vesper

Projection mapping is fun. One issue though, doesn't it bother you when you've set up everything with your projector using softwares like MadMapper, but have no where to place your laptop? In this hands-on session, you will be guided through the process to map your projection using Adobe After Effects and export it as a video file, so that you can store it in a flash drive and simply plug it to the projector and go laptop-free~!

P.S. please come in with After Effects ready on your laptop! You also need a USB flash drive (plus an adaptive dongle according to your laptop) and a PROJECTOR (check one out from ER, you can also share it with peers)!