ITP Camp 2022

But still, After Effects

Session Leaders: vesper

Tags: #after effects #animation #motion graphics #postproduction #special effects

Created By: vesper

SO you've dipped your toes into the interactive world and you know it's fun.... HOWEVER, you might not need interactive images all the time. Complex (2D, and maybe simple 3D) animations and special effects that require more precise control and longer duration still rely on softwares like After Effects to make the work handy.

This is a technical session on After Effects and it is super friendly to newbies. We are beginning with the basics -- keyframes, masks, preset effects. If you are on a higher level and want to explore more, we are also open to that. vesper is at your service.

A next-level session on After Effects focusing on text animation is prospected, if interested, let vesper know.

P.S. please come in with After Effects ready on your laptop!