ITP Camp 2022

Scripting Interaction: Intro to Blueprint in Unreal Engine

Session Leaders: Olivia Yin

Tags: #unreal engine #game design #scripting #blueprint #interaction #immersive #vr

Created By: Olivia Yin

As designers or as artists, we can also use Blueprint to trigger effects, build a dynamic world or develop interaction! Blueprint isn’t just for programmers, it is a visual scripting system for us to realize our creativity. This session will offer a brief tour of Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint system from a high-level overview to utilizing specific notes to achieve our goals of creating interaction and experience. We can also go over the general ideas of how to use Unreal to connect to Arduino, or build VR games!

Please install Unreal Engine 4.27 through Epic Launcher in advance on your laptop or desktop. If you are using MacBook, high recommends to check out a PC from ER. (I promise this section is not about making noodle like this picture!)

I also did a 100 days of Unreal Interaction, check my insta:olivia_100days if your are interested!