ITP Camp 2022

Thermochromic Ink Workshop!

Session Leaders: Taylor Tabb

Tags: #interaction design #craft #fabrication #painting #textiles

Created By: Taylor Tabb

Thermochromic inks (ink that changes color with heat) are a subtle, gorgeous, and cost-effective way to create lo-fi information displays and unique visuals. They enable "calm interfaces," without the distraction of screens or lights!

In this very hands-on session we'll go through picking the right thermochromic pigments, choosing an ink base, mixing and applying to a range of surfaces (primarily textiles), and implementing a few different ways to activate the inks to create lo-fi displays and interactive art.

By the end of this session you’ll...

  • feel confident integrating thermochromic inks into your practice
  • build your own cool little demo obect to take with you
  • feel excited and inspired about thermochromic inks!

All materials will be provided. However you may wish to bring a microcontroller and a relay if you're feeling like you may be extra inspired to take your demo object to the next level.