ITP Camp 2022

Physical Computing crash course: Intro to working with an Arduino

Session Leaders: viola 🎻

Tags: #beginner #physicalcomputing #arduino #coding

Created By: viola 🎻

Make something that lights up! Or beeps! Or both! A hands-on crash course for those who want to dip their toes into creating tangible, interactive projects with microcontrollers.

Heavily based on ITP's Intro to Physical Computing curriculum, we'll go over ALL the basics to get you started: What is physical computing? What are microcontrollers? How to wire the electronics and code the Arduino? We'll work on a couple of examples together.

I'll also share some tips and tricks in debugging, resources for fun sensors to try, and hopefully you'll walk away with a thing that lights up or beeps or both, and some ideas for future making.

Helpful things to do before the session:

  • Bring your breadboard, Arduino, and electronic parts if you have any!
  • Review the Digital Input and Output lab here
  • Download the Arduino IDE software here

Thank you Tom Igoe for resources and also allowing me to teach this

Recording links: