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A response to Sir Ken Robinson’s, “Changing Education Paradigms”

Sir Ken Robinson’s piece on “Changing Education Paradigms” is an alarming deconstruction of the roots of our educational system’s current malaise.

Born out of a crossbreeding between the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, Robinson argues our public education system was formed out of a dual need within labor forces to educate the masses while effectively […]

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Where You At?

I forgot that I had pulled Miwon Kwon’s article/essay out of the “Books” category, and was looking for it under “Essays” to make my post. Of course then to my amusement, here it is, “The Wrong Place” located in “the wrong place” in the Applications Readings! Very witty.

Kwon’s article ends in a kind of […]

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Design Meets Disability

I found Graham Pullin’s challenge to the engineers, designers and artists of the world to come together and rethink the way we approach the creation of objects that address disability fascinating. It seems a challenge tailor made to the ITP student body.

Pullin states that the status quo in the industry is currently function above […]

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Don’t Make Me Think – Usability on the Web

This book is a classic for anyone working with web design. Nowadays the mantra for building great websites is “Content is King!”. Nonetheless a solid design and good usability is essential for any website’s success. If Google’s search engine were not so intuitive and straightforward to use, it would not nearly be as successful. When […]

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The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

I read Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproductionin the hope that it might provide an exit strategy from the digital content stalemate, the Mexican standoff between (let’s count them!):

content creators companies that own content consumers who pay for digital content consumers who do not pay for digital content […]

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Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

A brilliantly metaphor used to explain the word “privileged” by John Scalzi. Probably even universal to people who have never played a computer game.

Having said that I would like to add, this blog post isn’t easy to comment on. I had a big 2 day discussion with my friends over this topic. A lot of […]

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A project about documenting Salvadoran Civil War

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Design Elements: Form and Space

I am a math major without any design background. I often find things I make overwhelming in a haphazard way. By reading this book, I hope to understand the basic visual language design principle that will hopefully provide my work with a sense of visual stabilization and unity.

I also tried taking notes along the […]

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Speakers 9/18: Pamela Yates, Paco de Onís, Bea Gallardo

I left the talk thinking about how work like theirs, opposing an extremely powerful entity with deep connections in the government, will be affected by the rise of surveillance culture in our world. The choice of tools becomes extremely limited when your adversary has unlimited access to the information permanently stored in a vast array […]

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The New Paradigm for Education

Why do ADHD/ADD rates keep rising each year? Is the condition becoming better understood medically or are patients being misdiagnosed and simply abusing the system? What’s behind the rise of ADHD?

Sir Ken Robinson considers this new ADHD trend to be a “Fictitious Modern Epidemic”. He argues that while ADHD may be a real condition, […]