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The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops E.M. Forster

Around 1909, the time Forster wrote “The Machine Stops,” the Second Industrial Revolution was occurring and thoughts on the state of technology have been of deep wonder and concern. The story is of a grim, barren future thousands of years away; people are living in isolation and the only company […]

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Review of “A Small World After All” by Ethan Zuckerman

The author analyzes many cases that small media has amplified the social movements from Islamic revolution to Arab spring. By comparing the cases in different ages, the author says that connection with the world has not been increased that much despite of enormous development of media technology.

Compared to the time when people struggled to […]

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A Small World After All? by Ethan Zuckerman

The article discuses that nowadays the role of Internet in globalization is too much over-hyped based on this fact that actually in this so-called age of increased global connection the coverage of international news in western media and newspapers are half as many as it was in 1970’s and even most American Internet users read […]

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Television is melting

Eben Moglen’s speech – innovation under austerity – is a stern warning to remain vigilant in the face of centralized control over technology, education, and the internet.  He suggests a roadmap for intellectual and financial indepence through disintermediation of technology and education.  Said briefly, Eben is pro wikipedia, pro maker geekery, pro hacking, pro privacy, […]

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The Ecstasy of Influence, A Plagiarism

The ecstasy of influence:A plagiarism By Jonathan Lethem


This article is about a few things. It’s about appropriation, simulacra, auteurism, economics and the gift of art.

Lethem talks about the beauty in the tradition of taking, copying and redefining ideas. He also talks about the illegitimacy of trying to own a culture experience, […]

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Designing IN SPITE OF the Manufactured Normalcy Field

Venkatesh Rao argues in his essay about the “Manufactured Normalcy Field” that people, when presented with new experiences, will work hard to maintain a “familiar sense of a static, continuous present.” This is likely an adaptation mechanism employed by the mind to ensure that behavioral differences are minimized.


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The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism

“There is no thread that is not a twist of these two strands. By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we all quote.”

The article discusses in great detail about the history and modern examples and implications of plagiarism and influence or inspiration. In literature we often see repeating themes, the same plot line just […]

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Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

This is a really interesting analogy article. Also, the author talks about three different issue in one time, but not use a boring way. He makes a fun of it. He uses video game to describe a real thing happen everyday. As a filmmaker, I believe most of great works done by the people who […]

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Design meets disability

‘Design meets disability.’ According to the book, the priority for the assistive technology is to enable as little attention as possible. The underlying assumption might be the assistive technology is just a tool for helping the disabled and something to hide or to be ashamed of. So it negatively affects people who are using the […]

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Coming of Age in the Milky Way – by Timothy Ferris

In this book, Ferris takes us on the journey of astronomical thinking: Aristotle’s geocentric approach, the ptolemaic model, Newton’s laws of motion, Eisntein’s revolutionary e=mc2, Hubble Space Telescope, etc. Every chapter helps us understand that, as scientists develop their approaches, every small scientific step is but one giant leap for mankind.

Ferris explains us thinkers had to distance themselves from the […]