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Recognition of privilege

I chose to write about John Scalzi’s essay titled “Straight White Male is the Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is.” Race relations and privilege are topics that are seldomly discussed on the floor and to be fair, neither are politics. My class prefers to talk more about what projects people are working on or where the next […]

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Children, ITP and Education

Instead of reviewing the article I decided to share some thoughts inspired by it.

1)   Education and ITP. The whole work of Sir Ken Robinson just made me think about how our program should be more connected with all this conversation about innovation&education&creativity. Not only for those with formal interest in […]

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Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Cradle to Cradle deals with something I think about constantly: waste. McDonough and Braungart do a nice job of laying out what it means to live in a consumerist, unsustainable society, while categorizing the solutions of a cradle-to-cradle system. In this new system, they explore how the consumption and the re-use of materials positively affects the inherent […]

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Clock of the Long Now

I chose to write about “Clock of the Long Now” by Stewart Brand. A book, documenting a cultural project, emphasizing the passing of time and its significance to humanity. But let me start with Mathematics.

In fact, one of the best introductions to the concept of “The Long Now” isn’t given in the book itself, […]

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The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Reading creative habit forces me to face a part of myself which I have been avoiding – Sticking to a routine. It reaffirms my yet lack of a regimental schedule around my life and the persistence to keep to a timetabled life.

At the same time, the book assures me that this is not too […]

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You are not your brain. Or are you?

The brain. Everybody wants to understand it, but nobody really does. Nevertheless, we don’t stop trying- we want our brain to work for us, not against us and we want to find ways to feel like we are not prisoners of our own thoughts. Alva Noë, a philosophy professor at UC Berkeley, attempts to explain […]

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Leave me alone, Self 1!

At first I thought maybe the entry for “The Inner Game of Tennis” on the reading list was a typo. What does tennis have to do with ITP or anything non-tennis related for that matter? Nevertheless, I was intrigued and decided to find out for myself. I quickly realized the book’s relevance to ITP and […]

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CODE: The Hidden Language of Computer Software and Hardware- an Awesome logical guide through concepts of ITP

I started to read this book (in an on-again/off-again) way in the summer. In the book the author starts slow and steady and carries this pace throughout. I am still reading this book. I read a few pages a day and it has helped me in my classes immensely. The author begins by breaking up […]

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Speakers 10/9: Nathan Shedroff

His talk was mostly lighthearted, which was nice, but as far as I’m concerned, his work brings some serious questions to the table. Drone and robot warfare, the stuff of countless science fiction stories, is a life-threatening issue for our time. But discussion of weapons was basically not present in his talk until the Q&A […]

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Designing interfaces for coding

This seems to be becoming a more talked-about issue as programming continues to be pushed out to a broader audience. Made me think about recent discussions I’ve had about what is next for One Laptop Per Child and as someone who is new to programming.

Kind of loosely related to Nathan Shedroff’s presentation about UX […]