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The (Actual)Graphing Calculator Story

3 comments to The (Actual)Graphing Calculator Story

  • Liz Khoo

    “I view the events as an experiment in subverting power structures… We were hackers, creating something for the sheer joy of making it work.” Wow this story is pretty amazing. It’s also a great definition of what it means to be a hacker–I’d never looked into before but it frames hacking as a positive mindset and role, not the kind of person who spends their free time writing computer viruses. Ron’s story is what we envision when talking about passion; this is what real passion for your work looks like.

  • William Lindmeier

    I love this story. It reminds me that people sometimes work their hardest when money isn’t involved.

    I’m a little surprised that Apple was as tight about security even back in those days. One of the ironic points that came up in the Steve Jobs bio is that he was very conscientious about creating open campuses that people would run into each other and cross pollinate. This was true of Pixar campus and the new Apple “spaceship.” Even so, there are more locked doors at Apple than any other place I’ve been. 😛

  • mpa292

    I’m so used to the idea of large corporate structure that I find it unbelievable that they were able to work at apple and create a finished shipping product without any authority. I really can’t believe it. Its like a fantasy story. If I were to be in the same situation I wonder if I would have reacted that same way. I’m used to authority, I only break the rules when they really ask for it. Working with pure passion and complete abandon is admirable. I suppose they had nothing to lose and everything to gain really. Thanks for posting this!

    Such a positive story and reminder that tools come in all sizes, from a hammer to the entire apple corporation.