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The (Actual)Graphing Calculator Story

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Recovery From Early Blindness: Technology without Accountability

There was a time in my life when I thought a great deal about the nature of reality. During this period I read Gregory’s now classic, Eye and Brain while researching the relationship between the eye and the brain with respect to perception. Discovering R.L. (Richard Langton ) Gregory’s name in the list of essays […]

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The Sugar Frosted Nutsack

When I’m not reading comics, sometimes I try to read literature. Since my undergrad days I’ve been a fan of Mark Leyner, postmodern author extraordinaire. Granted, I can’t take his short works, and although such too-clever titles as Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog and I Smell Esther Williams grace my shelves, admittedly I have […]

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RE: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

For aura is tied to his presence; there can be no replica of it. The aura which…cannot be separated for the spectators from that of the actor.

I first read Benjamin’s essay some years ago in a very different context and was really interested by the concept of aura and authenticity. I’m going to try […]

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Can being together can be deforming?

Why do you not do what I do?

If you did do what I do would I like that?

If I did what we all like to do would we like that?

Where do our lines of definition end?

If my eye sees yours do you realize […]

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Explorable Explanations

I found Bret Victor’s essay “Explorable Explanations” to be really inspiring. It’s a topic I’ve wrestled with often, especially during undergrad where my studies were basically doing a lot of reading and writing. Encouraging active reading, and challenging writers to aspire to this kind of writing, is a challenge that is only becoming more and […]

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Emotional Design: Why We Love (Or Hate) Everyday Things

In Emotional Design, author Don Norman explores the way in which we make decisions and therefore how we choose and interact with products.

He breaks down the brain processes and how we experience things into 3 states of consciousness.

The first is the visceral level; the “gut” reaction to how something looks or feels. This […]

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High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health by Elizabeth Grossman

The manufacture of technological goods is a messy business.  And their disposal is worse.  In High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health, Elizabeth Grossman describes the environmental impacts and health hazards of what is commonly referred to as “clean industry”.

Climate change is a source of much anxiety for me.  Considering the […]

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Explorable Explanations

I was totally impressed by Apple introducing iBooks textbooks this January which made me want to dive back into high school to have this extraordinary reading and learning experience. It reinvents the physical books into interactive and explorable multimedia information for better understanding to the content, changes the reading methods and provides a platform to […]

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Response to: The Ecstasy of Influence, A Plagiarism By Jonathan Lethem

Is it ever politically correct to label a work of art plagiarism? Aren’t most people trying to do something to contribute to society through their own ways of interpretation? Unless the work is blatantly copied word by word or eerily similar from another author, is it possible to brand ideas? What are the sources of […]