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Thinking about ITP life

As an international students, except to the culture shift, there are two things I learn most from ITP. One of it is the way to realize the idea, the other is about the definition of innovation.

1.The methodology to make the result as big as your dreams.
recently my friends and I took an interesting mental test called “forest”. The test call people imagine they are stepping into a forest, going through it(although it could be infinite) and have a chance to step into the second one. The result turns out interesting. Almost everyone describe their first forest as a huge and rich one with many trees, grass, flowers and animals. and will step into a smaller one which seems more barren than the former one. As this mental test shows, the first one stand for your dream, while the other is what you are able to own.
Even though I don’t know exactly where the test from, I still think that it can really reflect something in our daily life, both consciously or subconciously. What we imagine and plan is always bigger than what we are able to approach, and people always make excuse for the result, not to think that it is because the weakness of themselves-  don‘t know the art to get things done.

ITP is good at teaching people to own infinite imagination, the technique of how to realize your idea seems seldom to be discussed. For me, I always have a crush on the people who can turn a small idea to a bigger one.  And I never think a relatively bad idea is a killer to the whole thing. I just learn from some good partner from ITP who is super organized and powerful to getting things done step by step. And I think this ability should always be mentioned in ITP.

My conclusion about getting things done: try to make full use of restriction and resources, divide the whole things into several parts, and regard every parts as the goal and make it.

2. The definition about innovation

I always think the term” new”, is different from person to person. Some people have similar experience in their life with creator and they think it is old and not novel at all while others may feel in an opposite way. So I am avoid trying to push myself think in a new way. Viewing students’ project in ITP, I found that even a little bit redesign of the ordinary could be a huge step into innovation. For example, Google is not the first company thinking of making a search engine. Someone in the history have already come up with this idea like “hotpot” and “excite”.  Why Google? Maybe Google has the ability to make a search engine only showed as a box ,maybe it just has a better algorithm? The idea never changed, the way they present the idea go a step further.
3.Understanding of ITP
My understanding of ITP is just like that, ICM is about the software world and Pcomp is about the physical worlds. Web and visual language, video and sound are all the new technique tools that happened in this decade. What we learn are the tools, by using the tools, we mobilized ourselves and start to hack the world around us. Yes, it is about recently possible.

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