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Alice in Wonderland

The story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, often shortened to Alice in Wonderland, is one of the most famous children’s books ever written. It was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the alias Lewis Carroll. The book was published in 1865 and became an instant success. This literary nonsense novel about a girl in the land of wonders has been translated into more than 80 languages, modified for film and TV and it has become one of the most quoted books in the world of literature.

The language structure can, at times, be complicated and even thou kids may not appreciate the satire, this world of nonsense, changing predicaments, odd creatures and strange animals speaks both children and adults alike.

The story and its logic is build upon a series of dreamlike strange encounters, which has been greatly debated since the story of Wonderland turns out to be a figment of Alice’s imagination.

In short, the wonderful story of Alice in wonderland is a about: a talking clothed white rabbit with a pocket watch, poisoned cakes and drinks, a french speaking mouse, a disappearing grinning cat, a dancing but somewhat sad and depressed turtle, a hooka  smoking blue catterpillar, a never ending teaparty, magic mushrooms, a queen who likes decapitations, an baby that turns out to be a pig, living playing cards, a croquet game where live flamingos are used for sticks, a Caucus Race held by a righteous dodo and pebbles turning into little cakes.

Now, if that doesn’t sounds interesting, i’m not sure what will..

1 comment to Alice in Wonderland

  • Susan Ettenheim

    Did you believe it? That’s the main thing that I think of when I think of this book. I did. I am fond of the rabbit and have empathy for Alice. I’m amused by the cat and slightly frightened of the rabbit. It is indeed the magic that we yearn to create at ITP. There is a little hole and she falls down the hole into a fantasy world that is interactive and seemingly real. I wonder if Alice wondered how it all worked? Could she see the “technology” or did it just work? What connected the pieces of that world to make it so believable? What makes some projects the hit of the ITP show and others just something that takes up space in a crowded room. Why do so many people come to the shows year after year. I would venture to suggest that it’s for the same reason that we read Alice in Wonderland over and over again. There is a sense of fantasy that is just close enough to the real world to almost be possible and just far enough away from our everyday lives to be enchanting.