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Alice in Wonderland

The story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, often shortened to Alice in Wonderland, is one of the most famous children’s books ever written. It was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the alias Lewis Carroll. The book was published in 1865 and became an instant success. This literary nonsense novel about a girl in the land […]

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Understanding Comics

What makes Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics such a classic? It was written in 1993 and despite all sorts of changes on the media frontier, it remains a book required or recommended in any media studies program.

Scott has a way of turning the history of comics into a history of visual media – or […]

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Thinking about ITP life

As an international students, except to the culture shift, there are two things I learn most from ITP. One of it is the way to realize the idea, the other is about the definition of innovation.

1.The methodology to make the result as big as your dreams. recently my friends and I took an interesting […]

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I am investigating an opportunity to bring Josh Fox to NYU.

Please let me know if you would be interested in attending a screening of his documentary Gasland and participating in a Q & A.

Thanks –

Peter Please click the image below for his film on fracking and New York […]

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The Street of Crocodiles

Bruno Schulz was born in 1892 to a Jewish family in Drohobych, wrote and worked as high-school art teacher, and was shot and killed by a Nazi Gestapo officer in 1942. He has been survived by a small body of works and is now considered to be one of the great figures of Polish literature. […]

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Whose Common Good?

There was something about Philip K. Howard’s presentation this past Tuesday night which troubled me. Actually, there were several items which did not sound quite right.

I did some research and attempted to both look and read between the lines of his presentation. The first item that came to my attention was Mr. Howard’s place […]

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Greg Borenstein writes an interesting article delving into the manufactured normality of objects and experiences. While illuminating the the Manufactured Normalcy Field, Greg reminds us just how un-normal it is to fly in an airplane, yet the experience for most people is completely commonplace. It fades out of interest and becomes almost as normal as […]

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The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America

The fact that Daniel Boorstin’s The Image, a critique of the media and deconstruction of how it drives our desires, was written in 1961 only underscores how little the big picture of media consumption has changed despite the advent of VCRs, 24 hour news, and (oh yeah!) a little thing called the internet in the […]

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The Element: Necessity or Luxury?

In his talk, Ken Robinson talks about the necessity for diversity in education, and how the current model of education was originally designed to benefit the industrial revolution. One of the main points he makes, is that ‘education is not a mechanistic process and organisations are not mechanisms’. Making the point that it is more […]

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the extensions of man. wiiiiiiink.

Understanding Media is a collage of catch-all aphorisms. Often, it makes little sense, but that gives it a kind of open mystique that makes for essential fodder for any critical view of the cultural impact of technology.

There is a lot to talk about in this collection; perhaps too much. I don’t mean that in […]