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A Small “YOU” After All

It still shock me when i meet my friends who are in tourist when I am in Taiwan. He never contact me, but we meet at a place of interest. It is full of coincidence. When I think of the issue“ the smallest world”, it is about friendship and surprise.
So I seldom feel uncomfortable about the smallest world, if people can find their old friend all of the world,find the resource everywhere, why don’t we keep the world smaller and much tighter?
But I feel a little bit uncomfortable now, especially when psy’s dance cover the world. We sing and dance and we have same feeling for the song- it is interesting and lively with psy’s weird body movement. When all the happiness are too easy to approach because of the small world, people become lazy to create their own stuff. Such famous singers easilily grabbed our attention from ourselve to others since they are always occupy the header of newspaper and homepage of internet.

Does a smaller world means a much poor creativity of individual? Everyone need a space to leave them alone, avoiding the noise of the world and think and create their own stuff. A smaller world makes this status more and more impossible. We’d better to take care of our mind, and don’t let it stolen by others.

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