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Imitation or Create, Acquaint or Strange

The Essay ‘Designing For and Against the Manufactured Normalcy Field’ isn’t a long story, you don’t need too much time for reading it, then, that doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, actually, the philosophy of its author Greg is quite smart. It stated a good way of thinking different and design –  I won’t talk more about its content, I am going to talk about the normalization design.

First topic, Apple’s imitation design. We are all super familiar with the interface of apple’s productions, iOS, MAC OS, let’s grab some specific example, Photo Booth, when most American saw the icon on their first time, they knew what this app for, the red curtain and wood chair has told you all of the message about this application. let’s move on, glass icon, all of the icon in iOS will get this beautiful effect. With the in-cell technology and reatina display, the virtual stuff look like physical things, real matters exist in our physical world. And the metal drawing effect of Mac OS, with the physical laptop’s material, are perfect harmonious. These design had got so many praises, till the Metro design style published by Microsoft. Argument started. Some people stated that the technology should not let people feel strange, the unfeeling pure color block will cause sense of panic, and then get disgust feeling to technology. In the other side, people argue that physical matter has its own feeling, and virtual interface should has its different style, it is not real, so there is no need for it to imitate real world, that’s  a kind of masturbation for spirit. That’s the backward of development. Electronic production should have its special style other than physical matter, to always imitation mean lose of soul.  Actually, I am the guy who stand against apple’s side.

Imitation design is a good instance for explain normalization design, make that strange things to be more familiar with, would be a good way for learning, and make the user more comfortable, but is it a method for long time conceive? What if after hundreds of years, physical matter would have been disappear in human’s life(just like BlackMirror’s view of world), what would we imitate? The matter come from one century ago?

1 comment to Imitation or Create, Acquaint or Strange

  • Allison Burtch

    The idea of imitation is interesting when new technology makes its way into the psyche of the general public. What did it first imitate? Also, what happens after it is accepted? I look at my reaction towards some of the newer technologies we have at ITP – 3D printing, Kinect, other recent inventions – and have noticed that my reaction towards them is reticent. I could only image things such as the car and the factory. But sooner than later they will become part of society and we won’t even think twice about them.