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On being a strait white male.

I found the comments and descriptions in this article to be very good.  Being a straight white male it made me think a lot about my position in the world.  The analogies where precise and non threatening.   One thing that is clear is these positions have been rapidly changing.  There is great proof of that and we should be proud of it as a culture.  Women in the 25-30 year old college educated professional categories in several urban markets are now making more money and have higher job security than men (from a cnn poll, don’t know the details or testing methods). I know for sure that being a privileged white straight male does not guarantee the kind of position it did even 10 years ago.  The roles of males are changing as well.  Increasingly, they are required to fill different positions in society.  It is amazing how far we have come in the last 50 years with racial and gender equality.  Now, we not only need to continue this trend but find a way to keep women’s life expectance from continuing to decrease.  Eventually we will all be doing the same jobs, valued the same, and be responsible for ourselves in the same manner.  I think we have a very bright future to look forward to when it comes to the race, gender, and sexual preference divide.  We will be able to advance much farther as a people.

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  • Todd Bryant

    Hey Ed. I saw some articles last week that touched on this subject and wanted to share them in the most recent active post on the topic.

    Gawker posted this blog article commenting on a WSJ article saying the increase of presence of women in some of the the areas of the works force.
    Specifically – “Women held 33.4% of legal jobs-including lawyers, judges, magistrates and other judicial workers-in 2010, up from 29.2% in 2000. The share of female physicians and surgeons increased to 32.4% from 26.8% during that time. In 1970, women were 9.7% of the nation’s doctors and just 4.9% of its lawyers, according to Census data.”
    Many people are arguing that as the good ole boy older age set dies off this equality will spread. We’re still not seeing a 1 to 1 pay correlation yet for men and women of the same job. That’s one of the most important aspects to remedy immediately.

    Then later that day I ran into another article, this time over at the New York Post.
    While at first you might argue in the context of the Straight White MAle is the Easiest Setting article that this is an example of reverse discrimination against men and that a guy lost a job because he wasn’t a woman. And, yes, the women are preferred because they get better results and are therefore more effective at the job, but yet the article emphasizes the “cute” aspect. Is it therefore demeaning to prefer to choose women over men for this position on the fact that their sex appeal makes them more effective? The job is for a charity, so shouldn’t we do what we can to help those in need? Hell, is this even a “real” job? Luckily some posters in the comments cleared up that the girl profiled in the article was indeed a very hard worker and a talented bell ringer.

    Have you actually seen or heard of instances where women are being hired before men in high ranking leadership positions because of their sex? In the end that is not equality either. Yet in these financial times who can turn away a job offer regardless of why they chose to hire you in the first place.