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Weird Thing Is Normal, Normal World Is Weird

Thanks to this essay,  my mind was extremely exploded.  I read it one month ago, and since then I try to always observe things around me with two questions:

1) Is it something that really weird or normal? 2) How to make it either weider or more normal?

From this new perspective, I feel the world around me surprisingly changed, as if one of its invisible veils was removed. First, I could tell a sense of normalcy within what I used to feel weird. For example, the impossible constructions. Below is a box made by a magician named Jerry Andrews.

It reminded me M.C. Escher’s famous impossible illustrations, which I used to feel weird, but now I could see the normalcy inside it. For example, this is one of his famous works named Relativity:

When I first saw it, I felt nothing but huge shock, as if there is something wrong with my brain. After seeing lot of his impossible reality works, I felt quiet weird not about his graphic works but his persistence to draw such pictures. But now, with the question “is it really weird or normal”, I found such persistence is not wired but often could be found in those great mind in the world. It’s the curiosity to this world. It’s the brave exploration of the unknown. It’s the same persistence existing in the process of Einstein developing the theory of relativity or Columbus discovering the new world.

Secondly, I caught a sense of wired in most ordinary things. Such as glasses.

See, how wired if animals ware a pair of glasses. As we know, human is a kind of animal, is a part of nature. Why we feel normal to wear the eye ware but feel strange when it worn by the other kind of creatures? Because it is not as normal as we thought.

From other perspective, actually, myopia is a kind of disability just as physical disabilities. But why glasses could became a fashion while splint could not?  Because glasses are not as normal as we thought.

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