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City of Bits by W.J. Mitchell

W.J. Mitchell writes a collection of future scenes reflecting the impact of the digital telecommunication revolution in his book “City of Bits: Space, Place, and the Infobahn”. The book has seven chapters, each chapter consisting of a variety of short scenes of general architecture and urbanism. I am posting about this book because it has […]

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Air Guitar: Critiquing Art and The World

The Structure of the Book

Air Guitar by Dave Hickey one of those “snow ball effect” type of books, that starts off as  really slow reflective biographical anecdote, but gradually increase the intensity and pique one’s interest, gradually as one begins to turn the pages.  In a sense, the  book is structured in such a […]

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Out of our heads

Most of us grew up believing that there is something within us, other than our brain, that makes us who we are- a mind/ a soul or just something not the brain. And for most of us, that belief has religious and cultural grounds. We believe that we perceive, think, act- are conscious because this […]

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Alice in Wonderland: User Experience

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of my favorite books. Over the years, I have thought and written about it from various angles. The imaginative children’s adventure tale (technically not a “fairy-tale” since Alice wakes up making the whole thing a dream), the satirical portrayal of victorian society and the sinister, secret world of Lewis […]

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From Alice in Wonderland to Alice in High School

And then one day Alice grows up and goes to High School..

“Wake up Alice, wake up!  You’re going to be late to school,” said her mother.  Wake did Alice do to get ready for school.  She now was in high school.  She didn’t get too much sleep anymore, her dreams were shorter and days […]

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Conceptual Blockbusting: Think about how you think about ideas.

I have read many books on creativity, but this is the first on the subject that doesn’t assume that the reader is (or considers themselves to be) a creative person. It is interesting to analyze the process from this view.

The goal of Conceptual Blockbusting is to make aware the process of conceptualization- more specifically, […]

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A No-Brainer

I had been recommended the book Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug a few times in the last few years.  After all the chips had fallen and my 20s wound down to an end I found myself as a Creative Director with no creative training.  I have […]

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Good design tells story


I stepped into the flow of interactive design for the reason of enriching my ways of multimedia story telling.

Chris Crawford, the author of The Art of Interactive Design, mentioned that interactivity is superior to all other forms of human expression in one way. He also claimed that interactive design engages the human mind […]

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CoTLN 2, and The Techno-Human Condition

Omer has already encapsulated the basic premise of the 10,000 Year Clock, which stands as the scaffolding within Stewart Brand’s  “The Clock of the Long Now” . One part epochal timepiece, one part library for all mankind, the CoTLN (book, clock, and library) aim to foster multi-generational responsibility and function as a monument to the […]

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“Sketching User Experience,” and studying ITP students

“Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design,” by Bill Buxton, was really a great read. It was to the point, had well issued pictures and diagrams, and felt like more of a conversation about what the author has found the best methods for design to be. I chose this book because […]