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I know several people have written about this book (Code) already. I started and stopped several of the books on this list, but this one is simply amazing. You should all definitely READ THIS BOOK. It breaks down how code (and computers) work in a very simple and easy to understand way. Each chapter builds […]

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Code: The Hidden Language Behind Everything We’re Doing at ITP.

I’ve seen that two other people have already written about this book (one being my applications partner, which makes this post clearly very late but I wanted to finish the book), and though they’ve written wonderful things about the subject, I wanted to update what they’ve said with a concept that I took from the […]

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The Hidden Beauty of Computer Science

If you haven’t read the book yet and just glimpsed the title of this book, you will be definitely terrified by some keywords: code? hardware? software? programming language?! Please, don’t be threatened by these stubborn words and let your mind keep stepping onto a journey to the beauty of computer science.

As a computer science […]

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CODE: The Hidden Language of Computer Software and Hardware- an Awesome logical guide through concepts of ITP

I started to read this book (in an on-again/off-again) way in the summer. In the book the author starts slow and steady and carries this pace throughout. I am still reading this book. I read a few pages a day and it has helped me in my classes immensely. The author begins by breaking up […]