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Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

As a comics enthusiast, a filmmaker, and animator choosing to read Scott McCloud’s “Understanding comics” (finally) was almost a no-brainer.  Prior to actually reading the book I knew it was a seminal work among comic artists, graphic novelists, and anyone who has ever had to work with storyboards,  but I found myself wondering why a […]

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Design Meets Disability

I found Graham Pullin’s challenge to the engineers, designers and artists of the world to come together and rethink the way we approach the creation of objects that address disability fascinating. It seems a challenge tailor made to the ITP student body.

Pullin states that the status quo in the industry is currently function above […]

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Design meets disability

‘Design meets disability.’ According to the book, the priority for the assistive technology is to enable as little attention as possible. The underlying assumption might be the assistive technology is just a tool for helping the disabled and something to hide or to be ashamed of. So it negatively affects people who are using the […]