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The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Overall, I found the author’s take on the way in which art is consumed in the modern age quite interesting.  Although this was originally written in the late 1930s, many of the author’s points can be applied to even today’s society, especially with his comparison of film and paining. I often found myself comparing technology […]

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A Small World After All?

The title: “A Small World After All?” makes me think of “Six degree of separation”. This theory not only reveals the hidden fate and mystery of the Internet, its further application will certainly be treated as a hidden power of social movement for the Internet.

For “six degree of separation” theory, it can be easier […]

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Weird Thing Is Normal, Normal World Is Weird

Thanks to this essay,  my mind was extremely exploded.  I read it one month ago, and since then I try to always observe things around me with two questions: 1) Is it something that really weird or normal? 2) How to make it either weider or more normal?

From this new perspective, I feel the […]

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Reading: Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

In reflection to Scalzi’s “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting there is”, I’m quite surprised that this article had provoked hundreds of people and raised up a dispute. Because usually, the sensitive subject matters are targeted toward minorities with certain gender and race. It seemed like the issue of using the term “privilege” was […]

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Thinking about explorative Reading

I thoroughly enjoyed Bret Victor’s article on exploratory reading.  It was a concise and to the point article that left space for my mind to work while reading.  Engaging the participant has been a part of almost everything we have done at ITP so far, thus it was good food for thought.  The author is […]

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What can we do with the memory of Funes?

When I am browsing on many websites and social media, I often forgot how many hours I keep doing that. It is already around 2~3am when I am aware of that I wasted so much time on it. It is certain that I read more than a couple of thousand words. But if someone ask […]

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A Small World After All? by Ethan Zuckerman

I have written comments about Ethan Zurkerman’s article “A Small World After All?” but I would also like to pin point to some other issues concerning the issue.

While the empowerment we get from the internet is undeniable, as the article suggests, it cannot be said that we completely understand and use that power, neither […]

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Imitation or Create, Acquaint or Strange

The Essay ‘Designing For and Against the Manufactured Normalcy Field’ isn’t a long story, you don’t need too much time for reading it, then, that doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, actually, the philosophy of its author Greg is quite smart. It stated a good way of thinking different and design –  I won’t talk more about its […]

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On being a strait white male.

I found the comments and descriptions in this article to be very good.  Being a straight white male it made me think a lot about my position in the world.  The analogies where precise and non threatening.   One thing that is clear is these positions have been rapidly changing.  There is great proof of […]

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A Small “YOU” After All

It still shock me when i meet my friends who are in tourist when I am in Taiwan. He never contact me, but we meet at a place of interest. It is full of coincidence. When I think of the issue“ the smallest world”, it is about friendship and surprise. So I seldom feel uncomfortable […]