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Weird Thing Is Normal, Normal World Is Weird

Thanks to this essay,  my mind was extremely exploded.  I read it one month ago, and since then I try to always observe things around me with two questions: 1) Is it something that really weird or normal? 2) How to make it either weider or more normal?

From this new perspective, I feel the […]

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Imitation or Create, Acquaint or Strange

The Essay ‘Designing For and Against the Manufactured Normalcy Field’ isn’t a long story, you don’t need too much time for reading it, then, that doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, actually, the philosophy of its author Greg is quite smart. It stated a good way of thinking different and design –  I won’t talk more about its […]

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Greg Borenstein writes an interesting article delving into the manufactured normality of objects and experiences.  While illuminating the the Manufactured Normalcy Field, Greg reminds us just how un-normal it is to fly in an airplane, yet the experience for most people is completely commonplace.  It fades out of interest and becomes almost as normal as opening the refrigerator.  The normalcy […]

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Designing IN SPITE OF the Manufactured Normalcy Field

Venkatesh Rao argues in his essay about the “Manufactured Normalcy Field” that people, when presented with new experiences, will work hard to maintain a “familiar sense of a static, continuous present.” This is likely an adaptation mechanism employed by the mind to ensure that behavioral differences are minimized.