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Thinking about explorative Reading

I thoroughly enjoyed Bret Victor’s article on exploratory reading.  It was a concise and to the point article that left space for my mind to work while reading.  Engaging the participant has been a part of almost everything we have done at ITP so far, thus it was good food for thought.  The author is […]

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Explorable Explanations

I found Bret Victor’s essay “Explorable Explanations” to be really inspiring. It’s a topic I’ve wrestled with often, especially during undergrad where my studies were basically doing a lot of reading and writing. Encouraging active reading, and challenging writers to aspire to this kind of writing, is a challenge that is only becoming more and […]

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Explorable Explanations

I was totally impressed by Apple introducing iBooks textbooks this January which made me want to dive back into high school to have this extraordinary reading and learning experience. It reinvents the physical books into interactive and explorable multimedia information for better understanding to the content, changes the reading methods and provides a platform to […]

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Explorable Explanations by Bret Victor

Throughout the essay, Bret speaks of how simple text can be used to nudge and satisfy the curiosity of the reader. He states how our instruments of reading have changed but the method of conveying information has not. The author encourages us to take advantage of the possibilities of text by creating an interactive textual […]