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What can we do with the memory of Funes?

When I am browsing on many websites and social media, I often forgot how many hours I keep doing that. It is already around 2~3am when I am aware of that I wasted so much time on it. It is certain that I read more than a couple of thousand words. But if someone ask […]

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Funes the Memorious

Funes the Memorious, by Jorge Luis Borges, is a short story regarding a narrator’s account of his meetings with Funes Ireneo, a young boy with exceptional powers of memory encoding and recall. When the narrator first meets Funes, he is an eccentric boy, known for avoiding people and a fixation upon the time, but he has […]

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Funes, the Memorious

In Funes, the Memorious, Borges’ narrator describes his acquaintance with the amazing Ireneo Funes, of the spectacular memory.  The narrator meets Funes in his youth, and jokingly refers to him “The Human Chronograph.”  After a fall that paralyzes him, Funes’s memory takes over his entire state of being; although perhaps it would be just as accurate […]