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Hacking Education, aka What Can We Do to Improve This Mess

If you’ve never watched (Sir) Ken Robinson’s RSA and TED talks on the changing paradigm of education, take some time to do so. It’s well worth it. Super inspiring stuff. I’ve come back to these talks every so often over the past few years as I’ve grappled with designing online education alternatives.

I’ve been an […]

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reading “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction”

Benjamin describes the ‘aura’ of a work of art as its uniqueness, its authenticity. Moreover, he describes the ‘aura’ as the “unique phenomenon of distance”. The unique distance to an objects physical location, its history, its life and afterlife. We experience the ‘aura’ of something that is not in our immediate reach, both physically and […]

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The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops is short story by EM Foster published in 1909 which describes a distopic future in which (you guessed it) we’re all dependent upon, and subservient to, machines. Humans lose their ability to cope with the natural world and The Machine is basically responsible for keeping us alive.

Knowing that it was written […]

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The Free Everything Movement

This pretty much sums it up: Moglen goes on a rant about the evils of capitalism and the wonders of the open source movement. What he proposes is not practical for the world (as it is today) because the open source ideology that helped foster innovation in previous decades does not scale globally. Networks like […]

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Straight While Male is the Lowest Difficulty Setting

Reading the essay “Straight White Male is the Lowest Difficulty Setting” after reading Steve’s response and after the class where the racial slur was written has had me thinking a lot about privilege, culture, and gender. The lack of gender parity in the technology field is pretty apparent (even if Marissa Meyer of Yahoo doesn’t […]

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A small world after all – or is it? Response to Ethan Zuckerman

This seems like a popular article so I will summarize my thoughts in point form. Personally I am intrigued at how technology has aided political activism in such a profound way. I studied political economy in a networked society in my last program as well as the cultural and political policies in Iran (and its […]

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A new cultural paradigm.

The blame for this educational inflexibility that stymies divergent thinking in all of us is not only that of our economic model, but also of our cultural values.

The western world lives in a value-less society, in that it has values that it has not profoundly evaluated and changed in centuries. We have the same […]

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Greg Borenstein writes an interesting article delving into the manufactured normality of objects and experiences. While illuminating the the Manufactured Normalcy Field, Greg reminds us just how un-normal it is to fly in an airplane, yet the experience for most people is completely commonplace. It fades out of interest and becomes almost as normal as […]

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The Element: Necessity or Luxury?

In his talk, Ken Robinson talks about the necessity for diversity in education, and how the current model of education was originally designed to benefit the industrial revolution. One of the main points he makes, is that ‘education is not a mechanistic process and organisations are not mechanisms’. Making the point that it is more […]

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Recognition of privilege

I chose to write about John Scalzi’s essay titled “Straight White Male is the Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is.” Race relations and privilege are topics that are seldomly discussed on the floor and to be fair, neither are politics. My class prefers to talk more about what projects people are working on or where the […]