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The Element: Necessity or Luxury?

In his talk, Ken Robinson talks about the necessity for diversity in education, and how the current model of education was originally designed to benefit the industrial revolution. One of the main points he makes, is that ‘education is not a mechanistic process and organisations are not mechanisms’. Making the point that it is more […]

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Sir Ken Robinson Claims Diversity in Education is Necessary

In this TED Talk, Sir Ken Robinson explains the underlying theories from his book The Element. He dispels the misinterpretation that his work is about creativity, clarifying that instead diversity in education is its main focus.

Confusion about Robinson’s intended message in The Element seems to come from statements he makes about the direct link […]

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What is the Element?

-A response to ‘The Element’ by Sir Ken Robinson.

The Element is the meeting point between natural talent and personal passion. It’s when you feel your true self. What you love most doing and lose all perception of time and space while doing it. We all have our individual talent, and I think it’s each of our responsibility to […]