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Hacking Education, aka What Can We Do to Improve This Mess

If you’ve never watched (Sir) Ken Robinson’s RSA and TED talks on the changing paradigm of education, take some time to do so. It’s well worth it. Super inspiring stuff. I’ve come back to these talks every so often over the past few years as I’ve grappled with designing online education alternatives.

I’ve been an eager […]

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A new cultural paradigm.

The blame for this educational inflexibility that stymies divergent thinking in all of us is not only that of our economic model, but also of our cultural values.

The western world lives in a value-less society, in that it has values that it has not profoundly evaluated and changed in centuries. We have the same […]

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Children, ITP and Education

Instead of reviewing the article I decided to share some thoughts inspired by it.

1)   Education and ITP. The whole work of Sir Ken Robinson just made me think about how our program should be more connected with all this conversation about innovation&education&creativity. Not only for those with formal interest in […]

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The New Paradigm for Education

Why do ADHD/ADD rates keep rising each year? Is the condition becoming better understood medically or are patients being misdiagnosed and simply abusing the system? What’s behind the rise of ADHD?

Sir Ken Robinson considers this new ADHD trend to be a “Fictitious Modern Epidemic”. He argues that while ADHD may be a real condition, […]