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Experience at ITP


ITP is like a good buffet. There are so many food in the restaurant and I have a certain limited time.

If I try to different type of food, it could be good or bad experience, but it would be better when you focus on big main stream. If you try too many different […]

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The Art of Interactive Design

After I read this book ,I always thought about “How would you define physical interaction?””What makes for good physical interaction?” In my opinion, 1. According to Crawford, “interaction: a cyclic process in which two actors alternately listen, think, and speak.” In human- machine interactive process, the 3 steps above of listen, think, speak could be […]

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On being a strait white male.

I found the comments and descriptions in this article to be very good.  Being a straight white male it made me think a lot about my position in the world.  The analogies where precise and non threatening.   One thing that is clear is these positions have been rapidly changing.  There is great proof of […]

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Understanding Comics

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Thinking about ITP life

As an international students, except to the culture shift, there are two things I learn most from ITP. One of it is the way to realize the idea, the other is about the definition of innovation.

1.The methodology to make the result as big as your dreams. recently my friends and I took an interesting […]

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I am investigating an opportunity to bring Josh Fox to NYU.

Please let me know if you would be interested in attending a screening of his documentary Gasland and participating in a Q & A.

Thanks –

Peter Please click the image below for his film on fracking and New York […]

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Whose Common Good?

There was something about Philip K. Howard’s presentation this past Tuesday night which troubled me. Actually, there were several items which did not sound quite right.

I did some research and attempted to both look and read between the lines of his presentation. The first item that came to my attention was Mr. Howard’s place […]

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Applications Reading Response: How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

In How We Decide, Jonah Lehrer attempts to describe the neurological foundations behind our human decision-making.  He focuses on two main areas of the brain, the prefrontal cortex and the midbrain dopamine system, and explains how they are mapped to the different types of decisions we make, which he defines as “rational” and “emotional”.  The […]

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Leave me alone, Self 1!

At first I thought maybe the entry for “The Inner Game of Tennis” on the reading list was a typo. What does tennis have to do with ITP or anything non-tennis related for that matter? Nevertheless, I was intrigued and decided to find out for myself. I quickly realized the book’s relevance to ITP and […]

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Designing interfaces for coding

This seems to be becoming a more talked-about issue as programming continues to be pushed out to a broader audience. Made me think about recent discussions I’ve had about what is next for One Laptop Per Child and as someone who is new to programming.

Kind of loosely related to Nathan Shedroff’s presentation about UX […]