When I wake up the first thing I look at is Twitter, where they feed me my daily dose of “James”. “James” being the things I’ve liked or favorited over the years that have built my online presence. Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have all built algorithms that have been programmed to keep feeding me things I “like”. This isn’t healthy what so ever. But since it works no one is going to change it. All these apps do is feed me with “good” or things I want to see. And that isn’t what life is about. In the real world we get doses of everything in order to balance everything out. I remember last year I saw a data visualization that showed how different sectors of Twitter almost never intersect each other. These other sectors being Liberals and Conservatives.  This type of Isolation is the perfect breeding ground for extremism. When people with opposing views dont talk to each other, they are never able to express their views and try and empathize or sympathize with the other group. And the sad part is because this algorithm is successful, its going to be the base line for other similar tech of the future because that just how tech development works. They start with an initial somewhat successful tech and built from that. And the problem with that is those initial things aren’t always perfect and may contain some very serious flaws like the one Joy Buolamwini discussed in her Ted talk.

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