Algorithms actually have been used in many ways in our lives.  Not only on the internet but also in our daily life. Some of the uses, like the examples in the TEDx talk, can be identifying people’s faces and make the decisions. Obviously, it is the human who makes algorithms. And human, of course, have the ability to control and refine algorithms.

That’s the reason why I think the computer or any other technology can never entirely substitute human. Our human brains help the computer to have more functions, but without us, the computer itself cannot generate more functions. The algorithms limit themselves, and only if humans figure out a higher level of idea or concept or innovation can help refine it and make it better.

I think there will always be algorithm bias existed. The only thing we have to deal with is how to make this bias become smaller and smaller. Machines always have problems, that’s the thing we are hard to change. But we can make more people incorporate into the process of establishing the algorithm, test it in more environment to prevent some of the bias occurs.

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