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How algorithm runs our lives

I never got such close to the algorithm itself before I entered IMA. It is also the first time for me to think about the moral system for coding. From my perspective, making an algorithm is not a work accomplished by a single person. It is more like a relay run. At first, some people establish the system for codings like a base such as  Java, or C++. Then, developers build mansions above them, such as P5. Each building will follow the basic instruction from the base, but also create their own structures. Those pre-established “buildings” allows us to “paint on them”, like what we did for classes. Finally, users living in those finished versions of buildings. Step by step, the algorithm establishes an invisible system for our modern lives. That’s why some very social elements such as bias can be spread by the algorithm. Moreover, internet and data are like the nerve and blood for electronic generation. The more old-fashion machines being transformed into internet versions, the stronger the algorithm is.

Of course coders are people who make the algorithm like engineers for the physical world. They focus on their expert areas. Some are responsible for A.I, and some take the duty for internet safety etc. Maybe some of our classmates or myself will be one of them.


With data of global temperature, I make a recommendation of clothing for different temperature range.


Full Screen:


mirror & recorder

For practicing presentation, I make a mirror with a recorder that presses it to start,  a second time for stopping, and a third time for downloading.




about my book

the story type and style:

“Florence”, Ken Wong

Florence is an interracial interactive story and video game developed by the Australian studio Mountains and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was released on February 14, 2018 (Valentine’s Day) for iOS and on March 14, 2018 for Android. In Florence, the player follows the story of 25 year-old Florence Yeoh as she lives her daily routine and meets Krish, a cellist she sees in the park. The game features little written dialogue and tells Florence’s story through a series of brief chapters. The game uses basic puzzles to reinforce pieces of Florence’s life as players progress through her story.

Lead designer Ken Wong wanted to create games that eschewed violence and was inspired by his work on Monument Valley to have a more narrative-focused experience that included puzzles. The game received favorable reviews that praised the game’s art-style, music, and narrative structure.

the video mapping book:

I can not find many examples. I get one on the Vimeo.

Meteor in P5

Since people have the habit of making a vow when a meteor crosses the sky, my goal is to make a digital meteor creator.

At first, I built the one-click-for-one-meteor part.

Then, I use “starrain” object to make a rain of meteors when users double-click.

I got problems when adjusting the position of meteors. In rain mode, I can do delay, so I make an array to put meteors more backward than the former ones.




I cannot recall when the globalization became the topic our world. However, I can tell what I have seen of it. The connections between countries and regions have become much closer than that of decades ago. Both information and goods are exchanged internationally. Take Amazon as an example. The company started up in the US but spread around the world. In physic forms, Amazon transports goods with its strong transportation system which is accused as the oppression of workers in our reading material. However,  the oppression proves the huge size of the need under globalization. The other form is built on the Internet. By offering service as cloud storage, Amazon transports information globally.

Both forms are based on the development of technologies. However, it doesn’t mean technology causes globalization. It is the need and desire to develop causes globalization. Like what is said in “It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs,” new forms of work appear and some old forms fade away as the history of revolution of machines. The technology and globalization promote each other spirally. Technology offer chances to globalize and globalization creates the need for technological development.

In my opinion. globalization is a good thing to combine the wisdom of every community, although it needs we keep being humble and respect our co-workers.

Final Proposal


This is a video version of my material for presentation. My ppt version will have higher quality.

Basically, my project is a book with foldable paper stages between every page. So it can be video mapped. It is a story, a comic book, or a show with using multiple techs. For now, it has two version. The first one is to insert Arduino into the physical body which allows the acts change when people turn pages. The second one is to use buttons to transit chapters. The formal one is cooler but also much harder.


My project basically has six parts which are shown in the ppt. Some are motivated by my personal interest and the book idea is from a video mapping show which was shortly introduced in Com Lab class. My initial ideas of background sound and animation are from a playful comic book called “Florence” which has no difficulty to get through every chapter but show a clear and beautiful story like a comic book. The connection part is just because it is needed in this case. With this form, the book can be used as a tool for education, a storyteller, or a gift. Based on the six parts of the book, I make a weekly schedule in ppt. Also, the estimated cost is attached.


1.Bouncing Game plus

Based on my previous project, I can add more levels with wider screen size, more balls, and even boards on the Y direction. This thing can be more interesting when we have four boards in different directions and connect the game with a physical controller. We can use the controller to change the size of boards but when a board is larger the others will get smaller.

2.Multi-layer game

With maybe four pictures on a screen, when players move one picture onto the other one, some common elements will combine together. For example, a door on a white background can combine with an arch which cannot get through to make the arch has a door. In order to connect with the physical world, I am also thinking to let players able to draw pictures and upload them to the game to pass every level with their own works.

Holding a book for a long time is always tiring. Thus, an auto turner can be useful when people decide to read. Moreover, it does not have to be totally automatic. It can also be controlled by a button. It can count how many pages you read for today and record and draw a diagram for your weekly reading.

Cat and Fish

My work stopped because of a very strange problem. When I test the print of Arduino, everything went well.

However, when I connected Arduino side with p5 side, the print went crazy and both sides cannot read accurately. So, the output (the color of the circle ) was not stable.

I cannot deal with it and be able to move forward.



cat and fish:

Later, I still make a project, though the data is also weird. The fish changes in size with the potentiometer and the cat’s mouth open larger like it is laughing when the fish is bigger.

About URL

I believe I think partly linear but generally non-linear because I have to deal with multiple things in my life. Another evidence for my non-linear thoughts is I read a lot of hypertext which is non-linear. The convenience it led to users to access resources is what makes it special. It is like a tree with countless branches, or digital highways. The way to build it is to preserve information in stations and build doors with keys. Since each door can only be opened by one key, the URL can direct bring users to jump into the station. The progress is really like to build a highway between cities, which is point to point.

boucing game

Initial model

However, it can only bounce once.

Second model

I turned out the mistake is I confused pX with pY.

Third model

I add everything, but the score can not show.


I realize I did not add a function for updating scores.

However, the ball is still stuck in the boards sometimes which causes the miscounting of the score.

I narrow the Y range of position that can trigger the bouncing to reduce the bug, but it still possible to be stuck in theory.

Thank Wuji for helping me find another bug in my simple game which is because of the weights of the lines, there are mismatches of the visible lengths and real lengths. Thus, I rewrite the real length to make the ball interact with the visible length.

About communication

All patterns in the evolution of the linguistic system cannot be disconnected from universality. Those like the crossed part of words are served to become universal. That’s one of the main reason for the powerfulness of communication. Based on the same rules of express, people can make their words much more effective. Thus, in the future, people may start to speak in the same language or even with no language but mind connection. Languages make people communicate more efficiently. Therefore, it is possible to choose a more efficient way instead of languages. The theory looks like the evolution of creatures — better one stays. However, the progress of cultural evolution is shorter than the biological one and also the transition is step by step instead of the gradual way.

Body and emotion

Bodies are like our sensors to the world. How sensors communicate with the world largely decide how we think. The progress behind it has no difference with how robots work– detecting, information transition,  processing, transition again, and then reacting. The work of our brains is only the processing part, one fifth. It is our bodies allows us to interact with the world. Besides, how we define things is also based on how we feel with our bodies. However, it does not mean our bodies are more important than brains. Emotions happen in our brains and influence the way we think a lot. We feel negative when we prefer to refuse or deny things and positive when doing oppositely.  Since more voice assistants come out, those weak AI started to interact with our humans more man-likely, the way they are designed. He can not treat them like cold machines anymore. Like what is pointed out in the discussion about the gender of Siri, those assistants can affect our feelings with their voices and responses. The history of the effect is longer than that but the effect went more apparently when our computers get more humanized.

about moral decisions

When we design our codes, we usually choose the objects which change in the progress to be variables, at least I do in this way because that is what “variable” means. However, more problems are coming, we have to decide which objects should change because that mostly based on our goal. The way could be abstract because we set a series of goals to reach one. Thus, the thing goes like we make decisions based on our needs and curiosity. Then we find our goal and the other goals. Making decisions could be more complicated when meets the moral dilemma. My personal methods to deal with moral decisions is to hurt fewer people. It sounds like machines can do the job in a better way since they are much more rational. However, in my opinion, making moral decisions can never be proper for machines because they can not include emotional costs and benefits into consideration. However, the technology still assists us to make moral decisions by providing data and available examples which widen individual’s view of the society.

ideas about media and universal machines

The differences between computational media and traditional media are, in my opinion, the former one is built on a special language and logic, showing in more various ways. Traditional media mostly based on words and pictures( or in some situations, pictures can be considered as computational media). In comparison, the computational forms can be videos, digital models, arithmetics, machines etc. In another word, they are multiple. Besides, computational media offers more freedom for the audience to participate. For example, the wooden sensor in the lounge of ITP can be considered as a computational form. It is totally different from traditional media from inside to outside. People can enjoy the interaction with the sensor in this case. That’s also the way interaction differs from stories. Mostly, a story is an output from an author but the interaction is a loop has both inputs and outputs. From my perspective interaction is more attractive. At least I really enjoy playing with the wooden sensor. However, interaction and story can work together in many cases. The truth is interaction is a method or tool and story can be content. When they are combined, the media employees the interactive technologies to tell a story. About the producer and consumer of these media forms, I would say they can be a same group of people. More specifically, producers are those who have the ability and expertise in telling stories and manipulating computing technologies, and consumers are those who  “read” stories( even they do not read writing forms). Thus, producers must be consumers and people who consume the media are more universal. IMA and ITP students and professors are examples, we study and enjoy other people’s work but also make our own projects.

The other topic of the universal machine:

A universal machine, a literal definition, can do anything people need covering every single aspect of our life. I would choose voice assistants like Siri as prototypes. When they are able to connect with the physical network to control multiple other devices. A more detailed instance is the AI assistants “Jarvis” and “Friday” in Marvel Movie and Comic Universe. However, there is no a single machine can be truly universal, even the AI assistants in movies are based on large physical networks connecting by the electronic signals. Besides that, we now define a universal machine by the term” people need” but actually most people will think it should be ” people want” which is like infinity. In this case, we may can only reach the goal in movies and comic books.

light switch


This circus includes a LED light, four wires, a resistor, a photoresistor, and an Arduino. The photoresistor changes with the change of lights around. When the ambient light is dark, the photoresistor is going to be really strong, making the LED can not lit up. Thus, when the ambient light gets brighter, the LED becomes brighter.

about computer

I would like to say that computers may think about people as more complicated machines because we will give others feedbacks when getting inputs but in much more delicate ways. Parts computers miss could be like factories in countries with low labor cost such as India and Vietnam. In case millions of workers become unemployed, those factories can only change bit by bit. This situation is because of the limitation of social development.  For the technological reasons, computers cannot get involved in the process of mental therapy. In my mind, a more ideal device is like a smart assistant, kind like high-intelligent AI. This assistant can connect with everything you need such as cars, stoves, or even your room lights. It can also do what our laptops can do like scheduling and sending emails. You just need to talk to it.