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Happy Space Trip

Finally I still decided to make a space shooting game.

But it would be a brand new one, isolated from the existed one.

The most significant change is that you can change the spaceship’s scale now!

By dragging the bar, can change the scale. At different scale, the space ship would have different features.

The control would be different as well, instead of forced to face up, you can now control the angle of the space craft yourself by rotating it.

Also, you are no longer shooting the infinite enemies coming from the up. You can go where very you want, the world would be infinite. But there’s a limitation of fuel apart from health point. While hp would recover over time, fuel loses over as time past. So you have to pick the fuel up through your trip (the blue ball)

There would be three types of npc that generated randomly. Green ones that helps you, red ones that attacks you, and yellow one that would change into green or red depends on which side attacks them first.



Three Ideas for the Final Project

  1. Create the interactive solar system that I wanted to on the p5
    1. When you click on a planet, it prints out information on the planet
    2. Maybe get it to zoom in on the planet as well
    3. Try to get the planets turning in place
  2. Sensor for a dog door
    1. Makes a noise when the sensor is hit so that you know when your dog comes in or goes out
    2. Have two different sensors on each side of the door that connect to different sounds so that the “in” sound is different than the “out” sound
    3. Have a p5/website output as well
  3. Character creator
    1. In p5, have buttons on the side
      1. For example, different head shapes, eye shapes, eye colors, etc.
    2. Can use a slider for width/size
      1. Can be used to resize the eyes, nose, and mouth


Final Project Brainstorm



One idea I had that came to mind after Andri brought it up in class, has a multitude of part to it. So basically, I wanted to 3D print a brain and a heart be my “human’ for this project. I would be stripping away things like gender, race, sexuality, etc. Somehow I want to connect a large monitor that has  a self esteem meter and a list of compliments and insults with responses from the ‘human’ that also has responses from the ‘human’. I wanted to only talk about how words can affect a human psyche and self esteem. People tend to build walls, suffer in silence with no outward scars, and no longer believe the compliments given to them. I wanted to have an led on the brain go off once a compliment and insult is chosen. After a compliment is chosen a blue led goes off, and after an insult is chosen a red led goes off. The self esteem meter would start at full and every time an insult is chosen, it would go down, but compliments would make it go up again. After a certain number of insults though, the ‘ human’ no longer accepts the compliments, and the self esteem meter keeps going down. For example, if the point on the meter was already reached and someone chose “You’re beautiful” as a compliment, the ‘human’ would respond “I’m not, and I never will be”. Every compliment and insult then will have two responses, that depends on the self esteem meter that is controlled by user input.

>>I wanted to make some action be don’t to the heart based on if a compliment or insult is chosen, like a needle pierces the heart for every insult? But I don’t know if that’s feasible, and am looking for other representations of pain.



The second idea I had is to take my “booty bumper” idea further. I’d want to create a system that allows a person to monitor the physical therapy exercise they’d need to do at home. Something that can measure they’re progress on mobility for example. I could incorporate a distance sensor. I don’t really know if p5, has the tools I need to create something like this?



The third idea I had is a collaborative project with James and Yulin (if we are allowed to do so). We are already working on a a video mapping project in hypercinema, and we want to take it even further by adding interaction using Arduino and p5. We are also adding more boxes! So we are currently adding a pizza box & storyline. We are thinking Chinese dumplings as well. We were thinking that four different foods and different interaction in each corner of a room. <<Still currently brainstorming the larger project.

We want to add donuts where if someone take one out, it illicit a reaction from the donut man, and we could do that with a light sensor. We want to add sound as well


1.Bouncing Game plus

Based on my previous project, I can add more levels with wider screen size, more balls, and even boards on the Y direction. This thing can be more interesting when we have four boards in different directions and connect the game with a physical controller. We can use the controller to change the size of boards but when a board is larger the others will get smaller.

2.Multi-layer game

With maybe four pictures on a screen, when players move one picture onto the other one, some common elements will combine together. For example, a door on a white background can combine with an arch which cannot get through to make the arch has a door. In order to connect with the physical world, I am also thinking to let players able to draw pictures and upload them to the game to pass every level with their own works.

Holding a book for a long time is always tiring. Thus, an auto turner can be useful when people decide to read. Moreover, it does not have to be totally automatic. It can also be controlled by a button. It can count how many pages you read for today and record and draw a diagram for your weekly reading.

Brain Storming


Using both Arduino and p5 to make a game. The game should be appearing on p5, and the player has to use the Arduino to control it. The Arduino may use buttons, tilt sensor or distance sensor.

E.g.1.A golf game. Based on how long the player presses the button on the Arduino, the travel distance of the ball on p5 will change. Only if the player hit the ball into a specific area, he will win.

E.g.2. Using distance sensor to control the spaceship on p5, try to avoid all the obstacles and get points.


2.Online piano

Also, relate the Arduino and p5, but this time it is p5 to control the Arduino. There will be a piano keyboard on the screen. Once the person clicks on the piano key, the beeper on the Arduino will begin making sounds. The beeper will make different sounds using different frequencies. Meanwhile, a small character will dance on p5 with the pressing of keys.


3. puzzle

This one is only for p5. A picture will show up for 5 seconds, and then it will be divided into 9 or 16 pieces. Then you have 30 seconds to put them where they are supposed to be. The player doesn’t have to put the pieces exactly to field, as long as the piece is placed near its field, it will automatically place into the field.

4. Looking at me

I’ll select some famous artworks and put them together on the screen. Their emotion and eye focus will change when the player moving their mouse. If it is possible, there will be a camera to detect people’s faces. All the figures in the artworks will look at the player.

5.Super fat cat

Interactive with fat cats on the screen.  Pressing the screen, and the direction that the cat looks at will change. The cat will behave differently while the players are pressing different body parts of its body. Players can also feed the cat, etc.

project ideas

  • sleep tracker game:the number of hours you sleep effects the progress of a character in a game. helps the user to keep track of sleep pattern and encourages them to sleep on time. Competitive mode possibly – link with Fitbit or Apple Watch
  • Shoes, maybe nikes, that have a check that lights up and can be controlled by the wearer. Perhaps the brightness increases as the room gets darker
  • a device that plays different sounds and jingles as different people enter my dorm. There could be some type of input used that allows for different people to create different sounds.



1: Auto Light and music Door

This is based on my previous project that when people are entering the door, the switch is turned on and starts to play music in the room. Also with distance sensor, lighting in room is also changing according to how far the person is from the door. The closer the person is, the brighter the light will be.


2: Study Efficiency Monitor

In our daily life, it is not rare to see that students who are trying to study are always be distracted by various kinds of thing, for example, Youtube videos, Instagram or text message. Therefore, the study efficiency is really low. I want to design a screen monitor that detecting the screen when users open other entreatment website for too long, and will have some tips on the screen to show that they are being distracted.  Therefore, students like me could be more productive.

3:Auto-adjusted Earphones

Sometimes, when people wearing earphones get into some very noisy environment, it  is hard for them to to listen clearly about  their own music. Therefore, I want to install a sound-volumn sensor into the earphones, and allows the earphones to increase the volume of music when the sound around it too loud, or decrease the volume when surrounding environment is quiet.


Final Project Ideas

  1. Drawing with music:

For my first idea, I want to create a keyboard/piano that is connected to a screen (p5 or LEDs maybe?) and draws a picture based on the keys played. It would bring together two popular things-art and music- in a way everyone could do and enjoy!


2. Laser Harp

For my second idea, I want to create a “harp” with lasers instead of strings. The lasers would serve the purpose of telling the user where would produce what sound. The sound would be determined by an ultrasonic sensor.


3. Drawing Glove

For my third idea, I was thinking about somehow making a glove that could let a user draw (maybe in p5?) without actually having to touch the computer. As a painter who has never used more than basic technology until this year, I feel that there are probably other artists who would want to give digital art a shot but are scared or lazy. This glove would be a way for them to still be “using their hands” to draw in a digital way.

brainstorming ideas…

I really love wearable technology, so it makes sense for me to think of projects within that category.


The Signal Patch is meant for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and skaters. It is to be worn on the back of their helmet so the vehicles or anyone else behind them can be aware of what their next move is. The LEDs will form different signs such as arrows pointing north, south, east, and west as well as a STOP sign.


Dogs can sometimes be tricky and playful when they are out and about, so here’s Beeper. Beeper is a wearable technology made for the dog and the dog owner. If the dog becomes detached from the leash, the dog’s leash ring around their neck will beep and their lights will flash red, so that their owner can find them.


Touch is a wearable tech that was inspired by the iClicker that many universities use for tests and whatnot. But what is inefficient about those devices is that they can easily be cheated with by being passed between students without the professor knowing. The solution to this problem is to make these remotes merely more personal by having a fingerprint sensor that only detects the original user’s fingerprint.



  1. The sensor that detect the strength that hit on them. The strength would determine how powerful you are on the one on one pushing game on the computer.




2. alter joystick.

use card paper to make a larger joystick to replace this one. And attach four buttons on it so you can control the game on the computer with one hand.


3. physical pang controller.

Control the pang game on the computer with two sensor that works like parameter.

Brainstorming for Final Project

  • Laser-light-activated instrument:

The instrument can be an electric board with photoresistors or some other types of light sensors built inside. People can use a laser pointer/pen to operate this instrument from a distance.

Idea #1

  • AR project–Stranger Things (ITP Floor ver.)

           We can 3d scan the whole floor(or maybe just a part of the floor) and reconstruct a 3d setting, the “Upside Down,” base on the reality. Then we can make this into an AR project so that people can explore the “Upside Down” of the ITP floor using their electronic device like iPhone or iPad.

  • Using multiple iPhones to create a path for a character in a game.

Idea #3

Final Project Ideas

I’ll be adding sketches momentarily. I wanted to finish my documentation for the production project which still is not where I would like it to be.

  1. Human Sculpture

In this idea, I want to create a sculpture of an non-gender human being out of leds. My vision is that way the leds light up will vary based of a user’s interaction with the sculpture. I do not want people necessarily touching the sculpture, but I would want for instance, to have a microphone attached somewhere, so that if a user/audience member yelled at the “human” the leds would turn red to represent anger/pain. Or if an audience member walked away from the sculpture, the leds would turn blue and slowly dim away to represent sadness. I would structure this led human in a manner similar to how light up Christmas decorations are structured.



2. Disjointed human

After speaking with Zoe Wells, a student in the other section, I learned that we can use 3d printers to create realistic looking lungs, skin, and eyes. I have always been fascinated with the development of human like robots, such as Sophia. My idea is to create a pair of lips and eyes and some pieces of skin. I would then attach servos to them so they had movement. I would lay them on a table separate from one another and have them try to behave as if they were on a real face, talking and blinking. The idea would be to discuss what we define as a human’s face. I have conducted research in the past of facial recognition and processing (how we are able to know the difference between human faces, human faces and animals, etc). It would be interesting to create an art piece that furthers the discussions and insights made in my research.


3. Headband

In one of the first projects, I made a head band that those w paralysis could wear. The head band allowed them to simply raise their eye brows to turn on a led. The purpose of the head band was so that they could alert their nurses they  needed medical attention without requiring too much movement. I want to explore this concept a bit more and make a functional prototype of it. Before I begin brainstorming, I would first need to conduct a great deal of research into paralysis and medical devices.



4. Anxiety

Due to the lack of mental health education and awareness, our society struggles to understand the effects of mental health. While mental health issues effect us emotionally, they also can impact our physical bodies. Returning to the idea I spoke with Zoe about, I would want to 3D print a pair of lungs or a stomach. I would then use servos and motors to animate the lungs and stomach to represent how they begin to behave during panic attacks. Stomach tighten and fill with stomach acid and lungs restrict. It would fascinating to represent mental health in a more physical health context.


Ideas for Final Project

  1. Dancing Lights 

Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, dancing was apart of everyday life. Whether it’s at family cookouts or just cleaning the house, dancing has helped me navigate through my life. Although, it is such an in the moment experience. I want to make something that captures dancing as a souvenir.

Dancing is an act of celebration and joy and I want to capture that joy and make it more accessible on the daily. Therefore, my first idea involves people, a dance floor, a selection screen, and a lamp. Before the person starts to dance, they will go to the selection screen to pick out a song they would like to dance to and the colors they would like their dance to be made up of. Then the person will begin to dance on the dance floor, which will be made of pressured sensors and timers. The harder someone steps and the time they hold it will vary and translate into different colors, intensity, and placement on the lamp. After they are done dancing, they get to keep the lamp which will have a digital representation of their dance having access to their joy whenever they turn it

2. When the Corner Stores Close…

I grew up in Boston. Specifically, in the South End’s Villa Victoria. It’s a four or five block affordable housing unit community that is home to a predominately Puerto Rican population. One might also label this area as “the hood.” I believe that in my hood, like many others, corner stores are at its center. They supply our community with resources, such as food, medication, a social setting, our grandma’s addiction to cigarettes, and financial needs (aka lottery tickets), that we might not have access to elsewhere.

Recently, due to gentrification, corner stores in my community have been closing down. Some of my favorite memories at these stores have been turned into luxury condos. I want to make an art installation that addresses this issue. What happens to the hood when all the corner stores shut down?

There will be five screens on a cut of a corner store. The cut out will be decorated with familiar objects you could find at corner stores. The center screen will make the viewer into a digital version of themselves, which will implement them into the community, as the other screens are premade digital versions of people of color doing simple actions relating to the benefits of a corner store. The top will have an LED sign that says “Corner Store and speakers on the side. The speakers will be projecting a poem that talks about what happens when all the corner stores close. As the poem goes on, the premade figures react and the digital version of the view does too. By the end of the experience, the figures have all been erased and the LED screen sign turns into “Luxury Condos.”  The digital viewer is still on the screen, but the other screens show different people or new objects that are unfamiliar. This transition is supposed to make the viewer feel uneasy and their image on the screen is there for self-reflection.


3. Interactive Animation

You ever wish you had control over the cartoon you were watching? Same. So that’s why I want to do just that. I want to create a touchscreen interactive animation. There will be different images that can be manipulated on a screen that will tell a different story based on the position, facial expression, or style the images morph into with each touch.


Three Ideas


  1. I have this LED strip in my room and I’d really like it to react to the music being played. I think this project is a great excuse to try and get that working. I played with a sound sensor before to try and make one LED turn on – lets try 100. Maybe if I create a switch inside the power supply that can rig turn the current on and off inside the PS. This way I can have the mood of the room be completely synonymous with the music.
  2. I need coffee before class. But I hate spending so much money on coffee that doesn’t taste like vinegar. This way I can make coffee on my own that’d be rigged to make it according to my weekly schedule. The noise the Nespresso machine makes could wake me up too so it’s more of 2-in-1. It’s a cheaper and more efficient solution to my every-morning dilemma: should I get to class on time and be half asleep during class or try and grab a coffee and spend money at the risk of being late.
  3. Our rooms here at Britanny Hall have these motion sensing lights that turn off automatically if no evident motion is made in the past 10 minutes or so. In Pakistan, where I’m from, these would be immensely useful in power conservation. We’ve had trouble with having enough electricity and I think these would help a lot. We’ve struggled with load shedding in order to distribute energy across the cities. At some point we would only have electricity 12 hours of the day.

Brainstorming for the Final Project

Alright so here are some ideas I’ve been brainstorming this semester for the final project.

Idea 1: Singing Screen

project 1

Basically for this idea, I would use the Arduino to create an audio input, and in combination with P5, we’d create a visual robot type character, who would sing the song being played. I would use some sort of audio sensor to read the audio on a more complex level. For example, I would like the audio to somehow recognize voice, rather than instrumentation, and I would like the system to recognize louder or quieter sound, so the character would make different expressions to help portray the mood of the song. I think it would be a really cute project but I’m unsure of how I’d be able to do any of it.

Idea 2: Breathing Exercise

project 2

I’ve played with this idea earlier in the semester and it was suggested that it would be cool to flesh out this idea further. To recap, people who play music with their breath or “wind” do many breathing exercises to “warm up” their lungs, which allows them to reach a better air capacity when playing their instrument. Essentially, for this project I would create some sort of tube sensor with the Arduino, being able to sense the wind being blown, and I’d use P5 for the user to set how long they’d like to blow their air for, so once that time is reached, it will congratulate the user for reaching their goal, and if not reached, it’ll give them a “fail”. This idea I think has potential but I’m more so unsure on how to create such a complex sensor, same with my first idea.

Idea 3: Rhythm Game

project 3

I think this idea would be a lot of detailed work personally, but it is also the simplest to work with, as there is no need for any complicated Arduino work. Essentially I’d create a controller with a breadboard, with 2+ buttons, and with P5, I’d create a game that is formatted pretty similarly to “Guitar Hero” where a song will play and there will be required rhythmic button presses that match the song. I think this idea would be a lot of fun as I absolutely LOVE rhythm games, but it would be a lot of work to code and animate, it is work I am willing to put in though.