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Research Tech – We Got Sole w Christshon

So for an update on our project…

Since we changed our idea from our user switching through several patterns of LEDs, we decided to go use Neopixel RGB LED rings.

They look like this:


We’re going to attach this to one side of the sneaker.

To use this Adafruit Neopixel software, we needed to download the library and use the “#include” function.

We used the library link above and followed their directions.


Inspiration for Our Final Project – We Got Sole

Our inspiration for this project were the Nike Air Mags — a shoe popularized by their appearance in the movie Back to the Future and renditioned by Nike in 2015 with Michael J. Fox being the first to get a pair.

These shoes gained popularity for their unique futuristic and out-of-this-world look and their unbelievable price-tag.

msx cm cnv nd

What I love about the shoes is how the lights are so pretty and floe with the shoe with it having a hollow-like feeling within the shoes.  They are integrated into the design.  This is something that Christshon and I strive for. We hope to make our project  interactive by giving the user the ability to choose the colors displayed on their feet — hopefully, through a button or potentiometer.