What it is
  • Pinwheels + Fat Cats + Fish + Paper Plane
  • Objects controlled by sounds.
Why made it
  • Cross-dimensional interaction
  • Easy to play with
  • Different inputs lead to different outputs
  • // I LOVE FAT CATS 😀
Who uses it
  • Everyone
How it works
  • There is only one input : the microphone
  • Based on how hard the user blows to the microphone, the rotation speed of pinwheel and the wind sound will change.
  • By dividing the input into different stages, there will also be different reactions
  • Cats’ behavior
  • The fish rain
The process
  • Coding
  • Pinwheels
  • Fat cats
  • Volume of wind sound
  • Paper Plane
  • Fish rain
  • Buy the pinwheel & microphones
  • Settle the microphone on pinwheel

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