Project Progress

I got the sensor to work, and it turns out it wasn’t broken at all. I just needed to solder it. So, that made me livid, but anyway.


She lives

I spent the weekend getting the physical part together. It’s not exactly a core component, since the sensor doesn’t need a fancy-looking encasement, but it was the most practical move since I’ll be heading home for Thanksgiving, where I wouldn’t be able to laser cut anything.

Laser cutting template



The next step on my side would be to translate the Processing code to p5, so that the sensor can control the yaw/pitch/roll for WEBGL objects. Apparently, Processing and p5 are cousins, so it shouldn’t be overly difficult. I might eat those words in a hot second though.

Block Diagram:


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  1. You guys are so talented! I really liked the interactive aspect of this project, that it was different that just using the mouse on the screen! I think thought that a user might be afraid to break the laser-cut ball because it seems quite fragile. We did talk about how in reality, it is quite a sturdy structure but I think it is because the entwined wires is white short. Definitely think about getting a bit more flexible wires and longer in length! I think it might make the interaction more ‘flexible’ or ‘easy’. Can’t wait to see it all finished (Even though you guys are basically done ahaha)!

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