So far I have already make the pinwheels spinning on the screen. I also add a sound of wind that may change its volumes with how fast the pinwheels spins. However, I don’t know how to control the volume yet. I plan to add a fat cat on the opposite of the pinwheels, both of the scenes use the voices as input. But it will look interesting because it seems like it is the pinwheels blowing to the fat cat. I think I might use DOM to animate the fur of the fat cat so that it looks like it was blowing by the wind that the pinwheels create.

4 thoughts on “prototype”

  1. It’s so cool that you’re basically done with this project! I think the microphone with a windmill attached is a super smart interaction, because without any prompting for the user, one can ascertain exactly what to do to trigger this interaction. It is common sense to blow on a windmill to make it move and I think this is really smart and effective! I can’t wait to see if you decide on projection mapping your p5 sketch or not and see it fully completed! Well done!

  2. Aside from how well the project worked. The output was very visually appealing. It was very aesthetically pleasing. And the animations had a uniform style and everything just flowed well. And the reaction is also very intuitive. Different levels had different outputs and it was great.

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