Volume Adjusting Part

My project is basically divided into two part, the adjusting volume part and the led part. In this week, I have done the adjusting volume part in P5, since most music players including mobile phones and laptops has mic themselves. However, for the LED part, due to the bad weather, the LED screen I bought online is still shipping and it is expected to be delivered by Monday. Therefore, I will do the part this week.

code: https://editor.p5js.org/Ruojin/sketches/B19JpYL67

5 thoughts on “Volume Adjusting Part”

  1. This is your latest post I could find so I’m gonna leave my comment for your project here!

    I think the project looks very cool and is functioning, I just really wanna see what it will look like when it’s presented. Perhaps consider what you would tell a first time user and what’s going on.

    Other than that, I think you’re in a good place and have most of it working, best of luck!

  2. Hey! I like the aesthetic of the LED board and how you can print words on there. If possible, maybe try getting everything on to a solderable breadboard. And of course, connect your headphones to P5. Other than those things, you’re good!

  3. The headphones are really cool! The LED board is a cute addition that really adds to the project. The background color that changes with noise is nice though possibly one thing to change is the color so it isn’t so bright green. Being able to hear the change in volume was really cool but maybe having more of a change would be nice. Overall, your project looks great so far and I love all the elements you added!

  4. The sensor is actually very sensitive and the LED board is really cool. I think the color board in P5 may change into other colors as well because it seems over saturated right now. Another thing you may think about is how to place and hide the arduino. Generally, you did a great job!

  5. The project seems to work well, and the concept is short and sweet. The one thing I think you should add is some kind of instructions for the user, maybe written on the screen. A blank green screen doesn’t tell us a whole lot, so a first time user might get confused about how to interact with it.

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