3 Speeds:

If you were feeling a little lost in class you might watch all the videos in the first clump. If you were comfortable in class, you can jump over the built-in variables that reflect user input and move right to the  second group of videos about finding variables in your own fictional world on screen. (eg horizonal position, direction of movement).  You should watch the video about “for loops” and the function videos before class.  If everything is pretty clear so far you should try turning the graphical things moving around the screen into “objects.”

1) Review (If you understood everything in class you might skip these)

2) Make the Ball Bounce (get this to work and make something interesting with it)

3) Watch as much as you can stand before class (Definitely watch loops and functions ).


Create an animated application. Start over from scratch and build something with a very simple design. Focus on the logic of variables and avoid using hard-coded values. Play with making and incrementing your own variables.  Try putting in some if statements to some rules to your world.

Get Together

Work in groups.  Look at each other’s code.  Help each other out.

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