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Why did computers appear?

Because we needed a better way to communicate with one another.

What is hard about communication? What do computers add?

The ability to reach someone that is miles away in a quick and efficient way. Computers are the fix to that problem. You can’t expect to build a house in a reasonable time without the right tools just like you can’t expect to reach someone that isn’t near you quickly without some type of computer (phones included in this).

Is Computational Media better at expressing your internal life?

I would not agree with this. I think that expresses the life you want other people to believe you have. We all curate ourselves and put the best version we can online. We post what we think other people want from us or what other people might like.

Does narrative and interactivity go together? Is this good?

Of course, you can’t have one without the other. Once you add human responses to anything it forms some kind of narrative that is specific to that user. People like to feel in control and introducing interactivity gives people the chance to be in control of the narrative which intern makes it stronger.

What is so important about Computational Media? How does computational media makes us more or less understanding of people unlike ourselves?

The importance of Computational Media is that it allows people to regain control of their narratives. No longer do you need millions of dollars to broadcast your messages of hope of disappear. Now all you need is an email account and internet access and you can reach the world. It helps us better understand people that we might not have ever met in our lifetime. It helps to scale down Earth and make us realize how similar our struggles are and how alike we all are.


I was thinking of either doing an interactive treat feeder for my cat or some kind of interactive art piece with p5 that people would access online. I am leaning more towards the art piece I am just not sure what I can do yet with p5.




I decided to go with a setup that was in the book called “Love-O-Meter”.  I wanted to do something with temperature and since this is my first time ever using an Arduino or even coding for that matter it was helpful to have a guide through it. I had some trouble with getting it to read off correctly but realized it was because I was not uploading it.