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vibrations vivantes VI

vibrations vivantes VI is my continuation of exploring using light as a musical material in performances. In this sixth installation of the series, I will create a performance with a monochord and lightbulbs. It will explore how the musical material generated by one single string, and how the musical material could turn into the performativity of lights. And further how the lights could stand alone as music itself.

The light will be controlled by the sound detector, photosensor, automation, proximity sensor via Arduino.

Bouncing Squares- Phasing

This is a simple animation of two squares Bouncing off the vertical walls of the screen. Phasing started to happen after a bounce, until they speed up and disappear. It’s created by using the difference between the lengths of the sides of two squares, and make them bounce by using different square for each side of the bounce.

Automatic Paper Guiro

Guiro is a Latin American percussion instrument, which is usually played by sliding a stick across the notches on the surface:

Here, I made a automatic paper guiro, that you could control it by turning the motor on and off (in different time spacing — which makes the rhythm– if one likes). Or you could simply turn the handle from the side, in order to control the mannequin percussionist’s arm up and down.

Here is the video:


Assignment- Yip- from Jan 23

I started the assignment by creating a simple circuit with 9V battery and LED on a breadboard. I am using breadboard just to make things clear to me:

Then I added a switch with a piece of aluminum foil. The setup is pretty straight forward: I used some materials that I could find from my apartment (cardboard, toothpicks, origami paper, aluminum foil) to hang the small piece of aluminum foil, so that the circuit would be connected when I blow the foil.

The only slightly tricky thing for this set up is to find the best height for the foil to hang, since the foil is thin and flexible.  After a couple trials, the best height is where the edge of the foil could touch the alligator clips when one blow the foil.

Here is the result: