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Many Things

I decided to work with the organized code I made last week but instead of making one image, I made many by including an array.  When I thought about many thing I was thinking about video, and how that’s just many images in order. I loaded a bunch of images (which were all frames to a short video clip) and one by one painted them on the screen with the pointillism code from p5.js
This was sped up by my tinkering from last week. I set it up to cycle through the images automatically and recorded the screen as video on quicktime.  This of course created a very long slow video, so then I put it in i-movie and sped it up so now when you watch it looks kind of like the original clip but all distorted and pulled apart into dots. This is only vaguely recognizable. I think it would be better suited if I screen-shotted each frame and put it all back together again as a video afterwards, that might make it cleaner, but this I thought was a cool way of many things coming together to make one thing.

heres the code:

here’s the video

Many Things

For this assignment I decided to do a lot of different things and tied them together with a stop light and green had a fully moving interactive display, yellow had a somewhat interactive display, and red had a completely static display. The snake game was developed from last class, and is just inspired by the snake game you can’t actually die in my version.

Code is here.


I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant by ‘many things’ so I took a look at the stuff that had already been posted. Dominique’s inspired me to do something similar, but I  wanted the system to feel chaotic. So I randomized almost every variable including speed, size,  a direction, and color so that each click would bring a new result. I also made it so the ball generated randomly within a radius of the mouse, to add to the chaos of the whole thing.