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I tried to make a Japanese photobooth. They’re a lot of fun to take pictures with friends, but really expensive, so I wanted to recreate some of the fun/ridiculous on my computer.

Ideally pressing the return button would make the camera take a series of 4 videos in relatively rapid succession. After, the user would be able to draw on it and add ‘stamps’ to  personalize the photos, for example, the date the photo was taken, a phrase to describe the relationship of the people in the photo, cat ears, hearts, and a brush to draw whatever they want. The user would decide where they would want to place the stamps by clicking the position.


When I set about trying to create the photobooth, I had some difficulty with my camera, it wouldn’t resize to a smaller image when I drew the captured image on the canvas. I decided I’d deal with that issue later.

I also wasn’t sure how to create a timer that would take pictures in succession, so I decided to go for one image for now. The cat ears and heart were drawn in Illustrator and the date and phrase were created in p5. I was only able to get the images to be placed with a mouse click, but ran into an issue where with the first click, both images would appear.



Trying to combine these two components of the photo booth gave me a lot of trouble. They worked fine separately, but would disappear when placed together.


Potato Masher

Ahh potatoes…

boil em

mash em

stick em in a stew.

I found a potato cutout and a mashed potato cutout and wanted to use them to play with image manipulation and sound files. The basic principle I wanted to work with was that each time I clicked the potato would become less and less opaque until it was gone and replaced with a plate of mashed potatoes! Accompanying this transition would be a sound.

Here’s what I made

Github Repository

Sketch in Action

My only real issue was not being able to get the sound to stop once it started playing…