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Final Project Ideas

I’m hoping to make some kind of alarm clock/timekeeper and explore different ways of depicting time visually, or even with sound (for example, clapping five times sets a five minute alarm). It would be helpful for daily activities such as cooking, studying, and exercising. Here are some inspirations:



Music Visualisation

I learned classical piano for 12 years. I’m awful at it. What came with 12 years of classical piano training was some passable knowledge of music theory. Learning to play an instrument is hard and the average listener doesn’t put much thought into what makes some songs work. Because music is auditory, I want to visualise the structure of songs in a way that could be understood by someone who doesn’t think much about music theory. At first, I wanted to visualise the key in which certain pieces were composed to show patterns and parallels. I would have to think more about which aspect of music to focus on, for example, I could also compare the chords of a song to the melody and repetition or looping that happens with music.

I imagine colors and lines/bars for this visualisation, but I’m not really sure how I would do so at this point. Below is some inspiration:

As She Was / Talking Heads


An alternative could be creating something which analyzes the most common words in on an album, artist’s discography, or genre of music and displays these words. I could also do variations on this theme, as well. Similar to one of the first pieces shown in class. 

The City

For another idea, I have three goals:

  1. Build a representation of a city that looks like stained glass (and maybe filigree)
  2. Individuals stories can come together and create a community
  3. Re-use this for another project

On a late night bus in Hong Kong, I looked out the window to see a set of highrises not too far away. Soft light illuminated their massive windows, most slight variations on the yellow glow from incandescent bulbs. There were some florescent lights, ranging from a stark neutral white light to an unnatural blue-ish tinge. Some were waiting, unlit. The emerald green and ruby colored windows threw me off. It seemed more like stained glass on church windows, not a highrise apartment complex in Hong Kong. As soon as I made that connection, the buildings were out of sight. I want to recreate that sight and that feeling I got from looking at the buildings.

I would create the cityscape from paper or cardstock and something translucent, maybe tissue or parchment paper, for the different colored windows. They would be lit by different colored LEDs. To interact, viewers would be invited to say one phrase and the brightness of the lights would change in relation to the speaker’s pitch, cadence, volume, ect., creating a unique but communal experience for each participant.


Brainstorming 4 Final Project

For my final project I would like to make something like this:

This game was made for Flash, and it lets you to make Punk music just by inserting clips into a timeline. My project would be a crossover of this music console and guitar hero: the user can play music with using the Arduino as an input:

  • pushing buttons would make guitar riffs play
  • a potentiometer would crank up the volume/overdrive
  • Solo button: random lead guitar riff over certain chords.
When Will The Bass Drop? (ft. Lil Jon) — Lonely Island

The genre and the actual implementation is subject to change.


For the final project, I want to make a plant-sitter. The plant-sitter will water the plant, controls the soil moisture, temperature and amount of UV lights for the plant, and it even plays music for the plant. (Do Plants Like Music?)

The plant-sitter is a sealed dome and it’s completely controlled by a computer. To water the plant, I was thinking of using a servo motor to make a valve. The valve is connected to a water bottle and it will water the plant if it needs to. But I’m not sure if servo motor is strong enough to act as a valve. Also, a human will have to refill the water bottle when it’s empty. There is thermometer and it will tell the fan to control the temperature and also ventilates the dome.

For now, my biggest question is how to turn on the UV light. I don’t think arduino has enough power to turn on the UV light, so I think I have to make some sort of switch to turn the light on and have the light connected to a separate power.

I also want to have an animal’s skull or something that’s not alive in the dome and I want the plant and flower to grow on it.

I got the idea from a movie called “Castle in the Sky”. In the movie, there is an old castle that’s floating in the sky. The castle is like a self contained terrarium and even though the castle is a thousand or hundreds years old, an old robot is still taking care of the place and there are animals and plants living there. (There were no humans left, but I forgot if they died or decided to leave the place. It’s been awhile since I saw the movie)

Final Project Idea

For the final project, I’m leaning towards making something musical. Since I made a touch sensor at the beginning of the semester, I was thinking of making some kind of keyboard using those touch sensors. To make the tones I can use just the Arduino, but I can also link it up to p5 using Serial and perhaps display a keyboard on the screen and show which keys are being pressed. I think I’d need to purchase a bunch of speakers and have each one play a certain note, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into what I can do with speakers and the Arduino. I’ll also need to solder several wires to conductive “keys” and connect those to the Arduino.

I’ve always wanted to make a keyboard of some kind using Arduino but I’ve always been sidetracked by school or other work, so I think this final project can be a really nice opportunity to turn this idea into reality.


For part of another class I went to see Teknopolis and one of the interactive installations was a simple touch keyboard with a display, the guide said it was built with an Arduino.If you watch the video on the home page it’s at the 6 second mark. I was not very impressed with the display, but really liked it as an instrument. The Arduino Projects Book has a simple button keyboard project, so I want to see if I can expand on that project and use the inspiration from the exhibit to create a keyboard I am more satisfied with. I may need to get a bigger bread board to make a larger keyboard, I may also look in to using a different sensor other than a button, the one at the exhibit just used human touch to complete the circuit, so I may look in to that as well.

Final Project Ideas

I’ve always been interested in interdisciplinary work and I was hearing a weird thing on NPR back when Leonard Cohen died that got me thinking about a project idea I was never sure how to execute ( They said his famous song, “Hallelujah” is usually sung in about 3-4 minutes but when Cohen wrote it, it has close to 80 verses. over the years hundreds of artists have covered it, and those that do just pick which verses mean the most to them creating many iterations of the same song.

This got me interested in the idea of some sort of artistic reserve, where the artist creates a wide selection of components that all work together but the viewer participate in the piece by selecting which components stand out to them the most. This leaves each viewer with a slightly different experience that should resonate with them on a higher level.

I’d like to apply that to images and writing, maybe having a piece of writing and different phrases have different components to an illustration attached to them somehow. The images are called on by voice recognition software, so when they say out loud a key word, the image appears on screen along with the text. Not all the readers have to say all the words aloud though, giving them the ability to customize the resulting image based on what they want to say.

(I’m also very interesting in speaking vs. reading, and if reading aloud is a more emotion experience for some people. (

I’m not set on this one idea but I do want to do something with reserves, and viewer control over what artwork they end up seeing.


Tennis for Two

For my final project, I would like to recreate what many consider to be the first video game, Tennis for Two, with Arduino and p5.js. Tennis for Two was a simple 2-D tennis game for two players that featured an oscilloscope for a screen and controllers with a single button and a dial. I plan to create the graphical interface with p5.js and the controllers using button switches and potentiometers from the Arduino kit.

If this idea doesn’t work out, I would still like to create some sort of interactive game with a physical input for one or more players.

HomeWork 6

For this project I decided to imitate the recently updated home page. When you move the mouse from side to side the image changes, and then if you click a different subject of the image shows up.

Also, I did some work on my final project proposal:

And some tinkering with one of the APIs I plan to utilize:


Final Project Idea

For my final project I want to make an interactive art piece that changes for each individual. I’d like to have a scale and a reservoir of ball bearings. The ball bearings are attached to the scale via a track. a servo motor would be able to open a door and allow a ball bearing out when activated. What I’d like to do is integrate various social media sites’ notification APIs (Probably either facebook or instagram) so that whenever someone gets a notification another ball bearing drops onto the scale. Anxiety over social media is something that I find to be an important issues personally and among my friends, so I want this project to reflect the weight of that anxiety.

vibrations vivantes VI

vibrations vivantes VI is my continuation of exploring using light as a musical material in performances. In this sixth installation of the series, I will create a performance with a monochord and lightbulbs. It will explore how the musical material generated by one single string, and how the musical material could turn into the performativity of lights. And further how the lights could stand alone as music itself.

The light will be controlled by the sound detector, photosensor, automation, proximity sensor via Arduino.


I was thinking of either doing an interactive treat feeder for my cat or some kind of interactive art piece with p5 that people would access online. I am leaning more towards the art piece I am just not sure what I can do yet with p5.