What struck me the most about new media was not the medium used to create it, New technology, but that it facilitates meaningful Interaction between its participants. It’s essential to teach people how to use technology in order to understand our New rapidly changing world and communicate with computers, it’s a big part of why I’m taking courses here. However, it’s more important to teach people how to communicate with each other. Computational media allows people to communicate with each other and share ideas with people they may never actually meet in person. People can learn New skills that they would have never been able to Learn in a different time. Teachers can share knowledge and expertise with students all around the world. The lines between creator and consumer, producer and user are now blurred. In this regard, New Media is hailed as a harbinger of great social change.

When people who were not previously able to share their thoughts and opinions now how a channel where they can distribute their message, giving a voice to the voiceless. Regardless of new channels, methods, and mediums to communicate messages, people are still people, they’re just louder. These people who both produce and use content have been molded by the media they consume and make many of the same mistakes or send similar messages that that more traditional make. You can see this when examining the actions of young entrepreneurs to social media celebrities YouTube and even the President to the United States.

More than learning to communicate with computers and technology, people need to learn to communicate with each other, with people who are different and to respect those differences. They need to learn the importance and impact of their words and actions on those around them. People are still people even if you can’t see them, or they’re behind a screen. Teaching people to communicate with computers is important, but teach others to communicate with each other is essential.


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