Why did computers appear?

Computers appeared because people are imperfect and always wanted something to help us be more efficient. Computers started with helping people calculate faster. Now, not only they help with calculation and processing, but they help people connect and interact.

What is hard about communication? What do computers add?

Communication is hard because everyone has different background and feels differently. Communication is not like math and there is no way to know what one’s really thinking. For example, my color “Red” could be your “Blue”. We all know blood is red and that’s same as apple, male cardinal, strawberry. But, the color I am seeing as red can be someone else’s blue. And, there is no way to know if the color I am seeing as red is same as the color you are seeing as red because communication is imperfect and we will never know what other people are exactly feeling.

Still, computers add things to help us communicate better. Such as: text, skype, snapchat, google drive and etc.

Is Computational Media better at expressing your internal life?

I am a filmmaker and I am very interested in AR. (I think VR is limited and will die eventually since 40% of Air Force pilots experienced motion sickness from VR and I don’t think VR will be an universal thing if only 60% of people can use it). I have never seen, but I am very excited to see an AR movie one day. I think I will be able to experience something new that regular old movies couldn’t have done. However, platform is just a tool and the quality of art is not evaluated by a tool. For example, 3D Titanic is not a better movie than a 2D Titanic. Just because it’s 3D, it doesn’t mean you will be touched deeper. I don’t think Computational Media is better, or oldschool platform is better at expressing. Computer Media is one of the tools (and very new) to express your internal life, but a tool is just a tool and what’s important is the artist’s voice.  

Does narrative and interactivity go together? Is this good?

I think so. When I play a video game, I would feel much more connected to the game if I could feel like I am in its world and am one of the characters. There is an episode of Netflix show “Black Mirror” where a game company injects a 3D chip and the user plays a horror game. The too realistic hologram the user saw through the 3D chip made the game too intimate and it flied the user’s brain. The game went too far in Black Mirror, but I think narrative and interactivity go together well.

What is so important about Computational Media? How does computational media makes us more or less understanding of people unlike ourselves?

Computational Media is important because it brings us something that no other media could have done before.

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