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Final Project 1.1

My final project is an instrument. The player can use the sounds of nature and the sounds of a guitar, which are played by pressing the keys ASDF and JKL; on the keyboard. QWER and UOIP are able to turn on and off the reverb.


(working title)

The intention of the project is to provide a relaxing environment in our modern lives. This life has lost all the background sounds that the environment that human beings evolved from. The sound of wind, trees, rain and thunder are muted by the sounds of traffic and other noises of the city.

This instrument is trying to attempt to use the sounds of a man made instrument (the guitar) and the sounds of nature: the wind, the rain, birds and thunder.

The visuals were inspired by the painting Kalinda of SOHAN QADRI.

Kalinda is a Hindi name meaning “Sun”. 

I gave some thought to the colors of the piece and I decided that there will be two gradients: one is the color of the night and daytime sky. When the sound is played, the amplitude controls the gradient of the outer squares to yellow; the color of the sun.

The Code can be found here: (there are many separate JavaScript files.)

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